This case study gives a detailed insight into how Dragon Sourcing provides services to a client for sourcing consumer products from vendors in Europe, Africa, and Turkey. The key deliverables that our client wanted from us include the following:

  • Providing a supplier database 
  • A scorecard for shortlisted suppliers 
  • RFI/RFQ report 
  • Supplier profiles and recommended suppliers 

In the first stage, Dragon sourcing researched 370 product groups in 22 countries in the list. Dragon Sourcing then researched all the suppliers by following publicly available information about who supplied the goods the client wanted to source. Next, we prepared a list of 10 consumer goods categories our client wanted to source from a third party.  

Once we identified the vendors, we graduated to the pre-screening stage, in which we identified those suppliers who could meet the minimum key criteria put forth by our client. We shared the list of pre-screened vendors with the client to seek their approval and move to the next level. In the next stage, we sent RFQs to the pre-screened vendors. 

All seven suppliers replied to the RFQ and offered their current supplier catalog items that matched the client’s specifications. We analyzed the RFQ responses and made a scorecard that ranked the vendors according to some key criteria agreed upon by the client. Based on the scorecard, we recommended three suppliers to our client. 

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