Dragon Sourcing is a well-known sourcing and procurement agency, which has been helping a wide spectrum of diverse businesses to source their requirements for years.  A client approached them to find reliable suppliers for sourcing steel boards and coils. The client was eager to source from China. The dragon was hired to provide the following deliverables: 

  1. Supplier database 
  2. RFI/RFQ report 
  3. Scorecard 
  4. Company profiles 
  5. Recommended sampling supplier list 

Dragon started the project by collecting spent information about the nature of the products the clients wanted to source (steel boards/coils). The sourcing team also gathered information about the client’s specifications, required capabilities of the suppliers, volume drawings, and samples. These pieces of information were required to carry on the RFI-RFQ process. Next, the team prepared a list of potential suppliers in China. Also, they checked the existing list of DS potential suppliers through browsing the web, external databases, and multiple trusted networks of experts.  

 Further, the sourcing experts carried out a phone pre-screening. This screening was conducted by using 4 to 5 screening criteria. Based on the findings, the sourcing specialists developed the RFI-RFQ with the help of the client. This RFI-RFQ report contained financial details, technological aspects, corporate responsibility, MOQ, quality certification, client reference, etc.  

 In the next step, team Dragon evaluated the RFI/RFQ process once again to ensure a high return. They also analyzed the responses considering the qualitative criteria and employed a balanced score card. This scorecard was used to rank the shortlisted suppliers. 

 The search ended with a sampling test of the pre-selected suppliers. The client was directly involved in this screening test, and they finalized suppliers after conducting this sampling screening. 

 The client was happy with the transparent services delivered by Dragon on time. They expressed their wish of working with Dragon Sourcing once again in the future. 

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