Until recently, people used to reach out to mostly Asian countries when it came to outsourcing. However, the picture is changing considerably in recent times as certain European and African countries are making it to the list as well. Although the larger supply of labor and cheap raw materials still make Asian countries belong to the top of the list, many Eastern European countries are rising to the occasion of outsourcing. Once isolated, these countries are now quickly gaining momentum as able competitors to India, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other Asian countries. If a business house is looking for top-notch expertise and low-cost labor, it can be safely said that Central and Eastern Europe has a scope of delivering the needful. From IT to HR to payroll, Eastern Europe sourcing has a lot to offer with its excellent and ever-rising opportunities.


Market Analysis of Eastern European Countries

Outsourcing in Eastern Europe is not that tough as a task because the countries vary in talents and what it has to offer. Each region is unique in terms of work, and thus one can select as per his specific requirements.


Take a look at the following countries:


Belarus –

Despite its pool of talents, this country still remains under-explored. Belarus is an excellent location for IT outsourcing since the country boasts around 77000 programmers and more than 16000 new specialists joining the industry every year. This country is quite affordable both in terms of outsourcing and living.


Hungary –

Yet to become famous as an IT outsourcing hub, Hungary has lots of potential up its sleeve. Since many people do not know about this region yet, you can get your demands without being crowded by other competitors in the market. Centrally located, this country’s time zone and financial institutions work in its favor. With over 80000 software developers, the country gives enough support to IT outsourcing.


Ukraine –

With immense growth potential, Ukraine is already listed in the top 100 countries in the world registered for outsourcing. Software development has always been a strong point of this country’s citizens, and this hunger for learning new skills makes this region a convenient choice for Eastern Europe procurement. A large pool of programmers in Ukraine specializes in both common and rare technologies.


Poland –

Owing to its labor market’s abundance and maturity, Poland is a convenient choice when it comes to IT outsourcing. People here have the required cultural background to deal with international clients. Also, their highly skilled English proficiency adds a bonus point to the list. With an extensive team of programmers and tech graduates, Poland is one such Eastern European country that has every factor to make it big in the near future.


Reasons to Outsource from Eastern Europe

Before delving into the matter, it is imperative for any businessman to learn some basic facts about the outsourcing possibilities in this region. Other than knowing about the list of countries that is worth being considered as plausible outsourcing destinations, you need to have an idea about the benefits and advantages that can be procured from this region.


Innovation –

Developers of this region have the potential in learning new things quickly and are always up to date with new-age technologies. They possess a wide range of skills and are in pace with the demand of the customer. Their talent can be recognized if one takes a look at the number of international awards that the prodigies receive in the field of the IT sector from this region.


Cultural Fit –

No matter what you are outsourcing, communication is the key to get your demands placed in the right manner. The interaction between the two parties gets difficult if there is a cultural misfit. In terms of management, teamwork, punctuality, and other important aspects, the countries fit right in and help in the smooth operation of Eastern Europe sourcing. Fundamental clashes often result in the project’s failure, and this situation can certainly be avoided here.


Affordability –

One of the prime factors of outsourcing, Eastern Europe has kept the affordability rate quite high. The countries offering IT outsourcing come with an ideal combination of quality and price. Most coders have enough technical knowledge and skills and deliver extraordinary services as well. Moreover, costs of office supplies and software equipment are on the cheaper side in this region.


Growth Potential –

Being a part of the developing region, the countries are always striving harder to achieve perfection. They push their boundaries and go miles to deliver the needful to the clients. The Eastern European labor market is comparatively new on a global scale and has already revealed a gigantic growth potential in the IT sector. Countries like Ukraine and Romania have giant pools of technical geeks to handle outsourcing projects.


Communication –

Facing a language barrier is one of the greatest challenges of outsourcing companies. Many countries have had to drop out from the list for not being able to communicate effectively with the client base. This is not the scenario in Eastern European countries as the coders are highly proficient in the English language and can convey the needful properly. There is always a basic understanding with the staff so that there are no sudden changes in the project.

Eastern Europe has a lot to offer in outsourcing if explored thoroughly. To grow in today’s competitive market, one has to cut down on production costs in order to make a profit. Eastern Europe procurement gives this very chance to organizations. Although these countries still have a long way to go to match up to the potential of the Asian countries, still their progress speaks in affirmative. Since Eastern Europe is considered a developing region, there is always scope for growth and better opportunities. Study the given information carefully before deciding which country would suit your purpose the best. The experienced and skilled engineers come at quite affordable prices and stay loyal to their clients. Thus, it can be safely concluded that Eastern Europe will surely make it big in outsourcing in the near future.

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