The Future of Information Technology in India

These are the four main trends that will affect and positively impact the Information technology in India. Not only in India, but throughout the world will these trends have an ever-lasting impact.

Factors to Consider When Sourcing Globally

These are the five handfuls of factors you need to consider when sourcing products globally. There are several barriers discussed in this context that you need to overcome. This makes most company owners considering global sourcing find the benefits are less than anticipated.

Four Trending Products to Sell

These are the four trending products you can think about adding to your store. You can either drops ship the products from online stores like Oberlo or you can outsource the services to global sourcing services. These sourcing organizations are trustable and deliver products on time.

Rise and Fall in the Textile Industry of Turkey

To prevent any type of substandard material that may affect your product, you should make sure that the Turkish manufacturers undergo robust checking of the raw materials being used for manufacturing the services.

Key Drivers in Procurement Strategy

The procurement intelligence tools like supplier market intelligence, supplier intelligence, artificial intelligence tools, and spend data analysis tools, when combined together or even when used separately will help organizations to shift from a reactive stage to a proactive stage.

Product Sourcing Made Easy: Where to Source from in 2021

No matter how much discount a supplier is offering you, make sure that you conduct full-proof research before entering into any partnership. This way, you can minimize the risk factors and ensure a profitable business. Know more here!