Fibreglass Heat – Protection Tubing / Sleeving

Dragon Sourcing successfully identified 11 Chinese low-cost high-quality suppliers in the fibreglass Heat-Protection tubing/sleeving product category, after an effective two-stage screening process. Continue reading to learn more about Dragon Sourcing’s screening process and how it connects the right suppliers with the clients.

The Flourishing Relationship Between Textiles and Ethiopia Sourcing

Ethiopia is positioned as one of the striking manufacturing hubs for the apparel industry as it brings several incentives like abundance of raw materials, low labour costs, etc. Take a look as we discuss the current outlook of Ethiopia sourcing in this sector and the common challenges plaguing the sector.

Top Alternative Destinations to China Procurement

While China procurement continues to dominate the overseas sourcing scene, do any of other countries hold the potential to dethrone it to become the next “manufacturing hub”? Read here about the top alternative emerging markets that can be the next go-to sourcing destination.

How Does Automotive Industry Sourcing Work?

Being one of the most complex supply chain networks in existence, how does automobile industry sourcing work? What are the latest trends in the sector? Continue reading as we answer some of the most important questions about automotive procurement.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sourcing Products from China

Acquiring raw materials, goods, equipment, etc., can be easy, cost-effective, and scalable for product sourcing companies around the world. However, things may easily go wrong when sourcing products from China if the following mistakes are not avoided during the procurement cycle.

How Businesses in Vietnam can Build a Resilient Supply Chain to Minimize Disruptions

Robust growth in Vietnam sourcing and rapid economic growth along with the high availability of suppliers has made the country a popular sourcing destination. However, with changing consumer demands and trends due to the pandemic, the circumstances have changed. Take a look at how businesses in Vietnam can build resilient supply chains against future shocks.