Can Bangladesh Become the Next Apparel Sourcing Hot-spot?

The current market trends and needs indicate that Bangladesh has all the potential to become the future hot-spot for ready-made garment sourcing. More and more apparel companies from first-world countries are showing steady interest in Bangladesh sourcing as they continue to engage local manufacturers and suppliers.

Supply Chain Designing Strategies for a Growing Automotive Industry

If you want to know about the most complex industry in the world, that is the automotive industry. The automotive supply chain industry that manufactures vehicles is becoming exceptionally global with every passing day, second only to the electronic industry. With the...

Top Six Factors to Consider When Sourcing Globally

The sourcing agencies must consider these factors before they think about sourcing globally. Once they make an informed decision by considering these factors, you can enjoy conducting a profitable business and add value to your organization.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

The global procurement service managers and the supply chain managers work independently in their lines of work and bring success to an organization. Know more here!