Newsletter: Test Kits – COVID-19

Owing to the lack of test kits and 100% accurate tests, and the rising demand for them, several fraudulent companies are coming up with defective and inaccurate kits. Know more here!

Ventilators: EU & FDA Standards

In this newsletter, you will find FDA and EU CE mark regulations for ventilators. Under FDA, types of risks, types of devices and their classification, submission procedure, FDA process timeline, authorization process under EUA and duration authorization are discussed. Under EU Regulations, the medical devices are arranged as per their risk level, namely, high, medium, low and lowest. The newsletter also mentions temporary permits, an emergency application process for the UK.

Reasons Why Businesses Must Consider Procurement Outsourcing

From the discussion here, it is clear that procurement outsourcing streamlines and adds value to your business. With expert help, businesses can easily reap the benefits of a robust procurement strategy without additional headaches. For effective procurement services, you can contact Dragon Sourcing.

Newsletter: FDA Compliance for PPEs

Recently, the USA and some other nations found faults with the PPEs and testing kits sent by China. This resulted in some states like Georgia canceling their contracts with Chinese manufacturers, offering test kits with low accuracy rates. Know more here!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Sourcing

Organizations need to consider both sides before engaging themselves in global sourcing activities. Agencies that provide services of procurement outsourcing address the needs of their clients precisely. Conduct your organization’s sourcing activities in a different destination to reap increasing benefits.