Garment Manufacturing in Asia

Procure your organization’s apparel manufacturing operations in Asia if you want to make your marketing campaign a success. Here’s a detailsed account which would surely help you in your course.

Keen to Import from China? Know its Geography!

Whilst opting for sourcing services, you may feel intimidated when you check the Chinese’s map and come across different names of cities. However, when you understand the four main regions of China, it will become easier for you to envision the land and find a suitable supplier for your business. Know the details here!

Pros and Cons of Sourcing Outside of China

Organizations need to focus on the pros and cons of China procurement before taking any decision. If a company is successful in addressing the challenges, it can excel in its China procurement activities.

Process of Manufacturing a New Product in China

The necessary steps that organizations need to adhere to while developing new products in China are discussed here. If you need sourcing consultants, Dragon Sourcing is always there for you.