In every field, AI has become one of the most talked about topics. However, there is still some confusion regarding the matter that leads to several myths in people’s minds. Procurement intelligence is also in need of AI, but there are certain bubbles surrounding the topic that must be cleared. In recent times, procurement leaders are opting to invest in AI in order to speed up the procurement process and make it better. In several countries, procurement organizations are adopting AI methods to bring a significant change to their working process.  

However, there are still companies hesitating to bring AI into the process as they tend to believe in myths. Take a look at the following points to do away with the common misconceptions surrounding AI:

* AI reduces workforce – Despite having several strong points, AI does not have the capability to form an interpersonal human relationship with clients. In procurement, it is an essential role of people to manage internal stakeholders’ requirements and maintain cordial relationships with vendors and suppliers. With AI in the program of the procurement company, you can now create a more effective strategy to ensure that the process gets smoother. With the help of AI, there will be no more mundane tasks and the procurement experts will get more time to invest in those areas that need improvement.

* AI involves a learning curve – The learning curve of any organization, big or small, mostly depends on the existing process. Updating the current systems is simply not enough anymore; companies need to streamline the entire operation. AI is here to give a much-needed boost to the understanding and learning of the function of procurement experts. If AI gets implemented in an organization, employees will enjoy working more and will vouch that AI has given procurement a strategic direction for driving towards profit.

* AI is expensive and time-consuming – AI has significantly proven to reduce the time of the procurement intelligence process, contrary to what people think about it being time-consuming. It helps people to make faster decisions. From analyzing a large quantity of data to extracting facts and figures to making the right predictions, there is so much that can be achieved through AI. Moreover, so much gets done without implementing never-ending hours of manual work. Both cost and time get saved when AI is used correctly in a procurement company.

The misconceptions surrounding AI must be put to stop. AI can contribute a lot to a procurement organization, and it is high time that professionals realize so. AI has the capability to blend well into the existing structure and does not require new tools. If used correctly, AI will bring significant improvement to the overall organization. In the near future, each procurement company is bound to accept AI into its functioning process.

If you want to stay relevant among your competitors in the market, you have to blend in as well. Once the honchos of the procurement world realize the importance of AI, there is no turning back as adapting to this technology will prove to be a boon for procurement.

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