Recently, Dragon Sourcing helped a client find a reliable supplier for sourcing 29 chemical ingredients. The client is a major player in the pharmaceutical sector and a well-known research, development, and distribution company for the international pharmaceutical industry. The objective of this project was to look for an alternative supplier to get quality products and establish a long-term relationship.  

The main deliverables of this project include the following: 

  • The long list of suppliers (29 chemical ingredients, 651 suppliers, 26 countries) 
  • Pre-screening analysis: 14 chemical ingredients, 109 suppliers, and 4 countries were selected for pre-screening. 
  • RFI/RFQ Analysis Report (14 chemical ingredients, 28 suppliers, and 3 countries were chosen for RFI/RFQ) 
  • Recommended supplier list for sampling or audit  

To find the right supplier for our client, Dragon Sourcing followed a systematic approach that included first understanding the demand and the essential requirements. Based on the demand analysis, we did a supply analysis to find various suppliers who have the capabilities to provide the goods that our clients wanted. Following that, we performed a pre-screening evaluation to eliminate suppliers. The suppliers who passed this stage were issued RFIs and RFQs (using the inputs provided by our client). 

We then analyzed the RFI and RFQ responses and recommended suppliers to our client. We asked the recommended suppliers to send samples for testing. Once the client was satisfied with the quality and specifications of the products, we negotiated on their behalf to find the right supplier who could supply the high-quality goods that our clients needed. We also helped arrange logistics, conduct pre-shipment QC, and manage payment to ensure that our client got the necessary goods with the minimum hassle. 

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