Amazon sellers are well aware of the merits and demerits of obtaining products from China. Additionally, they face extreme competition, which is why they are looking for another option: India. India sourcing may not be right for every business, but getting products from here can be an outstanding choice to sourcing from China. Here are some of the benefits.

What are the perks of sourcing from India?

One main advantage of using India to source products is the lower trade tariffs. Apart from this, there are a handful of great reasons. Read on.

Unique and hand-crafted items: China’s export market’s versatility is really extraordinary. The problem is that Amazon sellers face more and more competition from legitimate sellers and listing hijackers. Exclusive, hand-crafted items are difficult to replicate than products made by machines. India also has copyright laws just like those in the United States. The sellers are more likely to defend their properties than Chinese producers.

Smaller minimum order sizes: Some Amazon sellers consider procuring from China because of the large number of products, but you need to order a pool of them. However, during Asia sourcing, products manufactured in India can be ordered in smaller quantities of as low as 25-50 units.

Smaller orders may come at a higher per-unit price. This decreases the risk for an Amazon brand before rolling out a new product. If things go well on modest orders, you can increase the production without any hesitance.

The barrier to entry is higher: Chinese warehouses are optimized for exporting, shipping and every other thing that an Amazon FBA seller may need. These operations and low production costs make pairing up with a manufacturer fairly easy and competitive.

Most Indian warehouses are not optimized for Amazon businesses. Here, different regions specialise in producing different materials and products. This may appear as a negative to some business owners. But if you are willing to put in some time and effort, you will be rewarded with less competitive and distinctive experience, which you cannot find in Chinese manufacturing plants. Communication is easy as English is the second official language of India. You just have to put in the work and effort during India sourcing.

Products that you can source from India

India has direct access to many types of raw materials like, marble, metals, wood, bamboo, silk and cotton. The manufacturers produce some popular commodities, including home decor and furnishings, lawn ornaments, carpets and rugs, kitchenware, bedspreads, lighting, curtains, duvet covers, fashion and accessories, handbags and wallets, jewellery and garments, belts and shoes, scarves and leather goods, candles, athletic equipment, gardening tools, spices, rice and lentils, coffee and tea, and stationary.

The effortless way to commence Asia sourcing from India for most Amazon sellers will be through popular websites like and By using the supplier location filters, you can find manufacturers all over India. Another option explicitly catered to India is

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How to Procure Commodities from India for Amazon?
One main advantage of using India to source products is the lower trade tariffs. Apart from this, there are a handful of great reasons. Read on.
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