Dragon Sourcing recently helped a French multinational find a reliable alternative supplier for cable products from China. This case study will explain in detail the steps Dragon Sourcing took to find the right supplier for the client. 

The main deliverables of this project were: 

  • RFI/RFQ Template 
  • RFI/RFQ report 
  • Balanced Scorecard 
  • Supplier profiles 
  • Recommended audit supplier list  

Dragon Sourcing employed its highly sophisticated online software called “Global Sourcing Platform” (GSP) to find vendors who could fulfill the client’s sourcing needs without compromising on quality and at a great price. The GSP software created by Dragon Sourcing is highly intuitive and allows us to manage the entire sourcing project with the help of various tools that include a central database of suppliers, a tool for supplier research, telephone pre-screening, issuing RFIs and RFQs, and comparing the suppliers on multiple metrics to find those who are suitable for the job. 

Dragon Sourcing used its sophisticated GSP platform to curate a list of suppliers from the target country, who were then filtered out and shall suppliers for further evaluation via the telephone pre-screening process. In the next stage, an RFI was issued, and the response was evaluated to understand the supplier’s capability and capacity. 

After analyzing the RFI response from the suppliers, Dragon Sourcing recommended conducting an on-site audit to check the quality, management, and capability of the supplier’s manufacturing facility. We further recommended placing a trial production order to verify the capability of the suppliers to produce goods that fulfill all the specifications that the client requested. 

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