In a challenging project, Dragon Sourcing set out to identify reputable suppliers for Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers from China and India. The objective was to assess the potential of these markets and run an effective RFI (Request for Information) process to map the supply landscape. The primary goal was to develop a comprehensive RFI document in collaboration with the client, encompassing all key qualification criteria.   

Dragon Sourcing’s methodology was thorough and multi-faceted. Potential suppliers were identified through secondary searches of trade databases, journals, and industry websites. The RFI, once administered, brought responses from suppliers, who were then ranked using an approved scorecard. The pre-screening process ensured that RFIs were sent only to legitimate suppliers in the Oil Refinery Industry. The project saw responses from 62 suppliers in China, with their locations mapped for clarity. The scorecard methodology was crucial; it was developed with client inputs on weights and parameters.   

Suppliers were evaluated based on company background, business information, quality management, production capabilities, corporate responsibility, and cooperation level. Dragon Sourcing successfully presented a database of suppliers, complete with rankings and comprehensive company profiles. The parameters for evaluation included company establishment details, employee numbers, turnover, customer experience in producing process equipment, quality certifications, production equipment availability, and corporate policies.  

Dragon Sourcing’s expertise in navigating the complex markets of China and India for Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers was evident in this project. Their methodical approach, from initial research to detailed supplier evaluation, ensured that the client was provided with a list of reputable suppliers tailored to their specific needs and quality standards. This case study highlights Dragon Sourcing’s capability to deliver targeted sourcing solutions in specialized industrial sectors. 

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