This case study shows how Dragon Sourcing helped an American client find new competitive suppliers offering furniture wood parts from China and Mexico. In addition to finding highly trustworthy suppliers, we were also able to get them at incredibly low costs. Let’s look at the details to see how we made this happen. 

Major deliverables of this project include: 

  • Supplier database 
  • Scorecard 
  • RFI/RFQ report 
  • Supplier profiles 
  • Recommended suppliers 

We collaborated closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understood their requirements, including target pricing, qualified suppliers, specifications, quantity, location, essential technology, and more. Once we were convinced that our consumers’ needs had been clearly expressed, we conducted a thorough market analysis. 

As research sources, we used our database, B2B websites, Chamber of Commerce statistics, trade show catalogues, and other materials. By implementing a pre-screening procedure, we were able to directly approach the most qualified suppliers who met our requirements for company size, participation interest, skills, and more. We developed an RFI/RFQ form with a scorecard that evaluated the qualifications, experience, financial standing, degree of technological adoption, and quality certification of a company. 

The project was scheduled for a 9-week working period, during which we analysed a total of 81 suppliers from China and Mexico. Among them, 53 failed in pre-screening and 24 failed in an RFI/RFQ. Finally, four suppliers from China were selected with the highest RFI score being 86. 

We strongly suggest these 4 suppliers for further discussions and sample testing after evaluating the scorecard. We executed the selection process with utmost care and precision, making sure that our client received the best bang for their buck. 

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