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Dragon Sourcing is an acknowledged name in foreign trading business. We are a leading global procurement consultant and facilitator of international trade. Our pan world operation enables us to identify abundant and affordable resources for manufacturers. At the same time we assist in locating new markets for sellers of products and services.

In this environment of cut-throat business, manufacturers and sellers are always on the lookout for opportunities for reducing costs. As it is not feasible to play around with selling price of finished goods in a market driven economy, business houses constantly seek avenues for reducing costs. The easiest way of cost reduction is to source factors of production from the most economical locations. It is exactly in this instance that we are of assistance to you.

Our speciality lies not only in finding out the cheapest raw material sources for manufacturing units, but also in locating affordable manpower and technology. Raw materials, human resources, and technologies are the vital factors of production for any commercial or industrial unit. Our global procurement services are continuously on the lookout for resourceful territories for any or all of these production factors. While identifying sources we carry out a series of studies on correlated factors. For instance, while exploring for raw materials we take into consideration the nearness of the place, existing laws related to foreign trade, and exchange rates.

Our pan-world operations are of immense help to our customers. We have a strong presence in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Africa. This trans world operation is not only beneficial to buyers but also to sellers. For the benefit of sellers we help in identifying markets. Though business and commerce have reached a global scale their benefits are sectoral primarily because of ignorance and lack of accessibility. Here accessibility refers to factor resources like materials, manpower, and technology.

In today’s business scenario it has become imperative for business houses and industrialists to operate on thin margins and still remain sustainable. The only way to achieve this is by using available resources optimally and reducing wastages. Our global procurement service aims at not only reducing your risks in international trade but also help in establishing a healthy commercial relationship with your customers.

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