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Dragon Sourcing is an acknowledged name in the foreign trading business. We are a leading global procurement consultant and facilitator of international trade with global experience in the field of procurement. We are adept at helping sellers locate new markets for their products and services and identifying abundant and affordable resources for manufacturers.

Manufacturers and sellers are constantly looking for methods to cut costs in this competitive business environment. In a market-driven economy, it is impractical to tinker with the selling price of finished products, so businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Purchasing production components from the most affordable regions is the simplest method to cut costs, and we can help you with this. We ensure that you achieve a competitive edge by improving your cost management and process efficiencies.

Our Global Procurement Services

Our area of expertise includes not only identifying the most affordable suppliers of raw materials for manufacturing facilities but also locating skilled labour and cutting-edge equipment. The three main inputs for any commercial or industrial unit are raw materials, labour, and technology. For any or all of these production factors, our worldwide procurement services are constantly looking for resourceful regions. We conduct several studies on correlated variables while locating sources. For instance, when searching for raw materials, we consider the location’s proximity, current rules governing international trade, and exchange rates.

Our customers benefit greatly from our global procurement support activities, especially in areas including Asia, America, Europe, Australia, and Africa, helping both buyers and vendors. We aid in market research on behalf of vendors and ensure successful cost management. Despite the fact that business and trade have expanded globally, their benefits are mainly sectoral due to a lack of knowledge and accessibility, referring to factors such as materials, manpower, and technology.

Businesses and industrialists must now work with small profit margins to stay viable in the current economic climate. The only way to do this is to minimise waste and use resources as efficiently as possible. Our global procurement service seeks to lower your risks in global trade while also assisting you in building strong business ties with your clients.

We aim to change how your company uses resources and ensure its success. At Dragon Sourcing, we are aware that surviving depends more on knowing how much food you need and when to buy it than it does on finding ways to cut expenses. In a cutthroat market, efficient consumption is the key to success.

Our global procurement support services for international procurement can produce significant returns on expenditures. You can use our sourcing and administration services to boost the productivity and effectiveness of your business. This results in high productivity and strategic partnerships with important suppliers and partners.

Components of our Strategic Procurement Planning Process

We enable you to develop a successful savings strategy based on deliberate cross-functional alignment and an unwavering emphasis on your company strategy.

Budget and goal setting: These are the first steps in our strategy, which involve establishing annual and quarterly budgets, updating quarterly budgets as necessary on a regular basis, and setting a yearly procurement savings goal.

Innovative Material Management: The material management specialists at Dragon Sourcing ensure that the raw materials are of the highest quality and are delivered on schedule from the supplier to the project location.

Strategic Sourcing: Using skilled product directors assigned to types of machinery, supplies, and services, we can help you achieve your product sourcing objectives. By employing a systematic approach, we reduce external spending in a dramatic manner while improving the internal process, quality, and total cost.

Logistics: We handle the entire process entailing the transportation of equipment and materials, from fabrication and supplier facilities to the work site. This helps fulfil the requirements of modern initiatives that are sourced internationally.

Market expertise: As part of our global procurement support services, we have a strategic perspective on the capital market, allowing us to make prompt recommendations based on the availability of materials, long-term demand for those materials, and pricing trends.

Export Compliance:Thanks to our export compliance specialists, we can maintain and monitor updated legal knowledge. Additionally, they provide the transportation and procurement teams with information on any relevant national laws and regulations.

Transformation of Procurement Business: We help our clients redesign their core procurement business processes to achieve significant improvements in crucial performance indicators like cost, quality, and cycle time. Our demonstrated experience in this area ensures that the proper governance frameworks, tools, and metrics are in place to promote lasting, significant change.

How do we work?

By offering specialised solutions that satisfy your needs, we support your manufacturing, sourcing, and quality control requirements, as well as the expansion plan of your company.

The entire procurement process is handled by Dragon Sourcing’s global procurement services, which guarantee the product’s quality and timely delivery. Some instances of the tasks we complete for you are listed below.

  • Pricing and term negotiation
  • Daily supplier communication management
  • Project coordination
  • Supervision and management of invoices and purchase orders
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Shipping and freight consolidation
  • Special requirements for delivery
  • Customs clearance

Benefits of our Global Procurement Service

  • Expertise in local culture and language
  • Global experience
  • Large-scale access to emerging markets
  • A proactive and flexible model of working
  • Customised supply chain solutions
  • Quality control
  • No fixed costs as service costs change with the volume purchased.
  • Technical project support and engineering expertise

With years of experience, we have the initiative, innovation, experience, and technical capability that would be challenging for most businesses to grow and nurture on their own. Through our worldwide procurement services, we provide resources, power, and output to our clients by ensuring that procurement and intelligence coexist on a single platform.

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