Best Local Sourcing Partner

Many businesses, particularly those in developing nations, are only able to obtain a portion of the goods and services they need locally. It is typically brought on by at least one of these four problems: a dearth of local availability, subpar product quality, inadequate product delivery, or exorbitant prices. Moreover, due to the shorter transport times and greater efficiency, most companies will find it simpler to source goods or components locally. When attempting to fulfil large orders at a low cost, this is not always possible, which is why many turn to local sourcing services offering the best value and profit.

At Dragon Sourcing, we understand how difficult it can be to source the right products for your business. This is why we offer a vast array of local sourcing services designed to help you find the products you need at a competitive price. We pride ourselves in being able to source products from local suppliers who share our dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical business practises. Through our extensive network of local labour, branches, and sustainable procurement methods, we deliver positive outcomes for local economies. We lead by example and are at the forefront of our industry in delivering positive and lasting benefits to companies.

Our Local Sourcing Services

Product sourcing: With a team of experienced professionals, we can assist you in sourcing a broad range of products. Such products include raw materials, components, finished goods, and packaging materials. We do so by collaborating with you to evaluate your business’ needs and search for the best suppliers for you.

Supplier Management: We endeavour to seamlessly perform management services by ensuring that your business maintains a friendly relationship with local suppliers. We ensure that we take care of contract negotiations, order management, and timely delivery of goods and services.

Quality control: We ensure to maintain the quality of the product by undergoing several tests, visits, and inspections. With our product testing, site visits, and supplier audits, we assist businesses in implementing quality management systems and safeguard the quality and safety standards of each product.

Coordination and fulfilment: We can also help with the process of obtaining your goods from local suppliers and delivering them to your warehouse or distribution centre. At this stage, we also handle processes such as inventory management, transaction processing, and shipping and handling.

Why choose us as your local sourcing partner?

Swift service:

We have an extensive team of local sourcing suppliers who can offer flexible and faster service as compared to traditional sourcing methods. Thus, we can quickly respond to your changing needs while helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Cost savings:

We can help our clients save on logistics and transportation costs by sourcing products locally. As we work with a network of local suppliers, we can also offer competitive pricing on a varied range of products.

Superior quality:

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we deliver products that meet the business’ requirements. Our quality processes include product testing, frequent site visits, and supplier audits.

Contact us today for all your local sourcing needs, irrespective of whether you are looking to source raw materials or finished goods. We are here to source products and meet your business’ needs.