This case study will show how we helped one of our clients get paper bags, boxes, and cups from China so that they could provide an attractive eco-packaging solution to their customers. When we first received the request from our client for these products, we consulted with them to understand their specific needs. We asked how much volume they wanted to procure, the materials they were interested in, the manufacturing process of the supplier, and so on. Once we had all the information we needed for research, we then started looking for the desired suppliers of paper bags, boxes, and cups in China. To research the suppliers, we used one of our patented, highly sophisticated online sourcing tools called GSP. It has a huge database of suppliers selling different products and services in every part of the world. We carefully checked our database and also looked at other sources like the internet, business publications, and others to find the suppliers of these products. 

After we completed the market supply analysis, we found 57 suppliers of paper bags, 66 suppliers of paper boxes, and 93 suppliers of paper cups. To shortlist the vendors, we prescreened them by calling them and asking whether they wanted to sell their products to our clients. After we shortlisted those suppliers willing to sell their products to our customers, we created our RFI/RFQ by consulting with our client and mailed it to the prescreened vendors. 11 suppliers of paper bags replied to our RFI. This number was 7 and 11 for the paper box and cup suppliers. We ranked the suppliers’ RFI on a scorecard and shared it with the client. The price comparison and analysis charts of all the vendors helped our client make an informed decision on selecting the right suppliers. 

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