Dragon Sourcing helps companies from all over the world find the right supplier of raw materials and finished goods in developing and developed countries to build their supply chain. In this case study, you will find how Dragon Sourcing helped a company to find a highly reputable vendor of plush categories (Christmas decorative plush items) from different low-cost markets like India, Vietnam, Mexico, and Bangladesh.    

The main objectives of this case study included the following: 

  • Supplier database 
  • Report on RFI Analysis 
  • Supplier profiles and rankings 
  • DS recommendation on the next step    

We adopted an effective strategy to find the best supplier for our client. 

We asked the customer about their product needs and then provided the suppliers’ samples to the shortlisted manufacturers to let them see what they needed to deliver. We checked our DS database, B2B websites, Chamber of Commerce sources, references, and other places to find manufacturers of the products needed in four countries. Once the vendors were identified, we conducted a telephonic pre-screening based on agreed criteria. 

In consultation with the client, we made an RFI/RFQ template to prequalify the suppliers based on specific metrics and sent it to targeted manufacturers after being translated into local languages. The responses to our RFI/RFQ were carefully looked over to make a report that rates the ability and competitiveness of different manufacturers in a fair way. Once we got the responses from the manufacturers, we shortlisted a few companies and inspected their manufacturing facilities with our clients. After this, we used the results of the audit and the answers to the RFI/RFQ to make a ranking report for the vendors. 

Based on the scorecard evaluation, we recommended the names of 11 vendors in the report. 

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