This study offers insight into how Dragon Sourcing provided sourcing services for PP structured chamber plates from China. In the first stage, a deep analysis was done to source detailed spending information regarding the nature of the products required. 

In this, various factors were chosen that including specifications, supplier capabilities, drawings, volumes and samples, which were relevant for the references to be included in the RFI-RFQ process. The spending data provided by the client was also analysed. 

Dragon Sourcing identified a list of potential suppliers in China who were included in the RFI process. This was done by using the existing list of DS potential suppliers, researching on the web, using external databases and taking the help of numerous networks of experts. 

The first phone pre-screening process was carried out based on crucial criteria provided by the client, which included those factors which are relevant to the industry. These factors included minimum size, experience in the relevant industry, quality certification et cetera. On the completion of the first step, Dragon Sourcing identified 13 suppliers who met all the criteria that our client was looking for this project. 

Once the suppliers were identified, we worked with the client to develop the RFI-RFQ jointly. It included all the key supplier qualification criteria like corporate responsibility, financial, technology, quality certification, client references, MOQ et cetera. This RFQ-RFI was sent to all 21 suppliers and their responses were analysed further and 13 passed the pre-screening. The 13 suppliers were compared on their RFQ scores. Based on the outcome of the comparison of the responses received for the RFQ, the two best suppliers were identified and recommended. The final choice rested with the customer choosing the best amongst the two that best satisfied all their requirements. 

The two suppliers recommended by us supplied for various industries that included building, packing, logistics, advertising, auto, renting, agriculture, construction, express delivery et cetera. Some of the famous client references of these two suppliers include Amazon, BMW, and L’Oreal Paris.  

We also provided a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and made a supplier profile for the two identified distributors. All the key management and production management charts were given to the client. In the end, Dragon Sourcing collaborated with the client to further carry out sampling with the 2 preselected suppliers. 

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