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The role of procurement has greatly been enhanced in the world of trade and commerce. Contemporary CPOs and procurement leaders need to work with the C-suite like strategic partners. Cut-throat competition has compelled many businesses to hire a renowned and experienced procurement consultant to mitigate risks, leverage competitive advantages, and boost organizational growth. Dragon Sourcing, a leading procurement consulting service provider, takes pride in its seasoned procurement team, backed by a high-quality infrastructure and global footprint.

At Dragon Sourcing, our team strives to address key procurement challenges and help different organizations ensure optimal growth. For most organizations, the procurement cornerstone is to ensure savings. Our efficient procurement consultant team focuses on some critical factors to enable corporations to ensure their savings, such as:

  • Top line growth strategy
  • Economic intelligence
  • Best cost procurement locations
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Suppliers’ risk analysis and mitigation

Key Procurement Challenges

Building a purchasing plan, aligned with the company’s strategy

Forecasting requirements emerging from New Business Models

Optimizing supplier innovation to improve performance

Choosing the right Sourcing Model, which can be aligned with international standards

Apprehending and leveraging the purchasing synergy value resulting from M&As

Procurement & Sourcing Solutions

At Dragon Sourcing, an experienced sourcing consultant is assigned to take care of each project. Each of our consultants is determined to meet our client’s key goals, including:

  • Offering solutions, which are suitable for the company’s strategy
  • Taking care of bottom line performance
  • Developing an efficient and easy-to-implement operating model
  • Mobilizing and supervising the extended enterprise
  • Looking after the CSR strategy of the client

Our team aligns with our client’s goals to provide result-driven solutions, such as:

  • A complete package of procurement strategic plans and benchmarks
  • Synergies plans for pre and post-merger procurement
  • Category strategy development and implementation
  • Global footprints and market screening analysis
  • Supplier innovation analysis

Our Procurement Consulting Approach

Procurement is a critical part of a company contributing greatly to its development. Implementation of proper purchase strategies is of utmost importance, but it is also necessary to consider the SOUL of the organization to generate a competitive and sustainable procurement approach. For each client, we build a customized approach that can cater to the unique requirements of a particular business.

Three Pillars of Our Customized Approach


Intense Procurement Analysis

  • Addressing high impact challenges associated with purchasing strategy and organizational effectiveness
  • Incorporating best practices coming from cross-fertilization of diverse industries and ongoing benchmarks
  • Streamlining direct and indirect expenses

Realistic Operational Solutions

  • Strategic analysis with key stakeholders to decide on top priorities and primary objectives
  • Deployment of our transversal skills in supply chain and operations management

Long-lasting Customer Relationship

  • A customized and long-term approach
  • Convenient project management strategy and dynamic methods that can easily adapt to the client’s constraints

What Set Us Apart as the Finest Procurement Consultant?

Category management and sourcing strategies

Our team produces category management and sourcing strategies aligning our client’s organizational goals including cross functional inputs from production, quality, logistics, finance, marketing, and sales. Our solutions are directed at energizing a new and unparalleled procurement organization.

Global sourcing and market analysis

Our procurement consultant team has deep knowledge of the relative attractiveness of key supply markets and of global procurement standards. This knowledge has helped us develop deep understanding of a specific region’s competitiveness that is required for global sourcing and market analysis.

Supplier Relationship Management or SRM

Supplier Relationship Management or SRM is one of the underused levers in procurement and supplier base development. It is a key component that drives better supplier performance and boosts strategic axes including innovation and international development. Our qualified procurement and sourcing consultants have expertise in implementing programs and conducting strategic assessments.

Operating Model Design

Dragon Sourcing can work on different dimensions such as the strategic vision and its synchronization with business stakeholders and partners, and organizational models design to back up the development and implementation of new Purchasing Operating Models.

Dragon Sourcing is a reputed procurement company that can lower purchasing costs of the clients by 8%-12%. Our team delivers an additional annual savings of 2%-3%.  We always work closely with the client to identify area for further savings realization.

Our strategic sourcing planning allows you to walk on a hassle-free path that can take you to an in-depth cross-functional alignment. We always focus on the total business performance of our clients.

Work Process

Category management and sourcing strategies

Our team produces category management and sourcing strategies aligning our client’s organizational goals including cross functional inputs from production, quality, logistics, finance, marketing, and sales. Our solutions are directed at energizing a new and unparalleled procurement organization.

Implement Operational Strategy

Our sourcing consultant maps out an operational plan that includes a review of category and supplier performance, rechecking of implementation timetable, key milestones and results, and customer feedback.

Monitor Progress

Our tasks do not end with the implementation of the strategic plan. We keep monitoring the implemented plans and methods to determine whether the overall strategic approaches are working, or whether modifications are needed.

We ensure that corporate finance, strategic sourcing, and program management strategies are aligned with the objectives of the client business. We offer a structured program that can take a business to its desired state.

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Turkey has become one of the trusted sourcing hubs for multiple industries across the globe. Though the country has signed Free Trade Agreements with Albania, Chile, Israel, Jordan, and a few other nations, it is still the main sourcing hub for Europe and the Middle East. Some of the key reasons behind the emergence of Turkey are:

  • Its geographical location
  • Integrated supply chains
  • Better infrastructure
  • The abundance of skilled and tech-savvy employees


Seeing the progress of the country in sourcing, it is hard for anyone to believe that Poland’s economy was stagnant till 1989. A country once considered a powerless nation having no prospects, is now one of the mostpromising sourcing hubs. The country has seen remarkable growth in itseconomy after 1989 and the growth is still ongoing. Some key reasons behind the rising popularity of Poland are:

  • Thriving economy
  • Availability of skilled and experienced workforce


Slovakia is one of the leading sourcing hubs of global manufacturing industries, such as automotive and electronics. It is a hotspot for shared services centers and business process outsourcing centers. The country is continuously developing and enhancing its infrastructure to meet clients’ expectations. Being located between the seaports of Southern and Northern Europe, Slovakia is able to deliver orders faster than its neighbor countries. Moreover, the policies of the Slovakia government are flexible. Key sourcing opportunities in Slovakia include:

  • High-quality solutions
  • Tech-savvy workforce
  • Top-notch infrastructure


Known as one of the most industriouscountries in Europe, the steady and hiking economy of Hungary has made it an excellent economic foundation for global businesses. When it comes to automotive, information and communication technology, infrastructure, oil and gas, and mining industries, Hungary is the best choice for sourcing.

The country provides:

  • Cost-effective sourcing services
  • Fast shipment and delivery
  • First-rate infrastructure

Czech Republic

In 2021, a remarkable change in national procurement directives made social and environmental responsibility obligatory for public procurers in the Czech Republic. Consequently, a sustainable procurement practice is gaining popularity in the country. Apart from sustainability, the key forces that drive the sourcing growth in the Czech Republic are:

  • Public policy
  • An abundance of raw materials
  • Skilled workforce


It is known to all that Croatia is home to amazing coastlines, beautiful lakes, forests, and its appealing history. The country is gradually evolving as one of the emerging destinations for sourcing across the world. A few key reasons behind the emergence of Croatia are:

  • Its favorable geographical location
  • Advancement in technology and business world
  • An abundance of raw materials and workforce


For the past few years, Slovenia has been enabling many global businesses to transform their organizational goals. The thriving economy of Slovenia has improved the infrastructure of the country. It supplies quality products at affordable prices. There are many benefits of sourcing from Slovenia, such as:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Hiking spend savings
  • Enhanced stakeholder satisfaction
  • Well-trained workforce
  • Fast shipment and delivery


Romania is one of the fast-growing sourcing countries. Nowadays, it has become one of the favorite choices of many small and mid-level companies from different parts of the world. It has some unique benefits, such as:

  • Ideal geographical location
  • Highest levels of technical proficiency
  • Better soft skills
  • Well-structured manufacturing facilities
  • Better connectivity

North Macedonia

Sourcing plays an important role in the success of a business. This is why all businesses, regardless of their sizes and industries, want to source from the best hubs. North Macedonia is one of the most popular rising sourcing countries. It provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Talented and skilled experts
  • Well-structured education centers
  • Favorable geographical location


Outsourcing is one of the leading industries in Morocco. It has a global client base. Different businesses depend on Morocco for sourcing high-quality materials at affordable prices. Some of its unique benefits are:

  • Proven agility
  • Adaptability
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Better connectivity
  • Flexible policies


For the past few years, many USA and UK-based companies have been sourcing from Egypt. It has become a favorite destination for many businesses, which are looking for first-rate products at affordable prices. Some of the major benefits of sourcing from Egypt include:

  • Political stability
  • Flexible business policies
  • Client accessibility
  • A wide range of trained labor pool
  • Improved internet and telecommunications

Reduced operating cost and enhanced infrastructure


Apart from being one of the best travel destinations in the world, Thailand is also establishing itself as an efficient sourcing hub. The country provides its client businesses with several benefits, including:

  • Low labor costs
  • Well-trained and qualified staff
  • Strategic location
  • Dynamic economic growth
  • Flexibility
  • Incentives


The Philippines has one of the most sought-after sourcing markets across the world. Many businesses are heading towards the Philippines to leverage a number of benefits, such as:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Cultural compatibility
  • Well-trained workforce
  • Minimal legal liabilities


Indonesia, the 4th largest country in the world is also the largest archipelago. It is made of more than seventeen thousand islands. Indonesia is one of the 20 largest economies in the world. All these facts contribute to the growing popularity of Indonesian sourcing industry. It is an appealing sourcing destination for businesses looking for cost-effective products. It provides some remarkable benefits:

  • Upgraded technology
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Availability of raw materials and efficient workforce
  • Transparent business policies


Dragon Sourcing has extensive experience across all industries. Our highly trained sourcing teams bring insight and value to each client.













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