Our Category Experience

Dragon Sourcing has extensive category expertise across many industries including both direct and indirect categories


Alcohol bottles, Beverage bottles, Cosmetic bottles, Food Jars, Pharmaceutical bottles & vials, Wine bottle and outer carton

Beer kegs, Fasteners, Stainless steel box, Tin Boxes

Carton for Food Industry, Cardboard box 7 layers, Chocolate Boxes, Corrugated Packaging, Filter paper, Hamburger box, Hot Chip Box/Hot Beverage Cup, Labels for electronic devices, Labels and print, Multilayered Paper Sacks

Adidas tray, Bread bag, Brochure holder, CD Box, Carton box handle, Cardboard bin with plastic tray, Film, Freshness box, Garment bag, Hangsell, Innerfoil, Intermediate Bulk Containers, LDPE foam, Multilayered and Coextruded Films, Multilayered and Coextruded lastic Films, Menu holder, Plastic bags, Plastic bubble wrap, Plastic Pallets, Plastic rigid jars, Plastic rigid bottles & caps, Plastic rigid tubes, Plastic box, Printing Film on Reel for Food Industry, Shopping bag, Strawberry container, Thermal sealable cellophane, U shape edge protector, Wine Bottle Capsule

Lumber, Wine Bottle Cork Stopper, Wine Boxes, Wooden biscuits box

Industrial Items

Aluminum sheets, Brass Rivet, Ball valve, Bread tins, Bus bumpers, Battery, Battery charger, Brass lock, Brass padlock with two keys, Brass roller buckle, Buzzer, Composite tube, Car window channel, Car batteries, Coffee Machine, Cutting knives, Carcass light box, Conduits, Ductile iron pipe & fittings, Double loop hook, Engraved padlock, Electric aerosol dispenser, Electro-magnets, Electric and gasoline generator, Electic motor, Electric motor for water filtration, system and GE appliance, Full zipper puller, Fasteners, Fifth Wheel, Flame detector, Flanges & Fittings, Filter, Fin stock real, Grinding media, Gauge, Handbag/luggage lock/puller, Hot Rolled Wire, HVAC, Invertor, Membrane keyboard, Mud Stay, Metal bracket, Magnet, Machining-ATB reader, Motor assembly, Neck Printing Machine, Ni Magnet, Plastic Bread Trays, Printed circuit board, Plumbing, Pump, Padlock, Stainless Steel products, Solar motor, Sheet metal-ATB reader, Steel basic frame, Solenoid, Speaker, Surge protector, Transformer, Tractor, Turned parts-ATB reader, Twistlock, Twistlock with fixed hinge, U bolts, UTube, Universal AC motor for food processing machine, Water tank, Tungsten wire, Wind turbine permanent magnet generator/Alternator, Wire fence,  Zinc alloy hook


exhaust, In queue product parts, Axle Housing Assembly, Coffee Machine parts, Counter weight filler bit, Meat Mincer, Heating block, Hollow steel structure, Steel structure for solar panel, Die casting assy axle, Insert, Cast PU components, Cast AI components


Aluminum extrusion parts, Baby trolley parts, Alu-alloy part, data strip, Railshaped ruler

Plastic Injection:

ABS and PP, Wheel joint for Baby trolley, luggage wheels, coffee machine parts, winddeflector, front beam, black hook, curved shelf, Plastic number, Rota vials, HIV vials, FOB vials, Fasteners & springs,


Bread Pans for Automated Ovens, Steel Containers, Steel Containers Coffee Jug, In queue product parts, Industrial Boiler Components, Lamp armature, Stainless steel display tower, Glass reinforcement, Spring wind deflector, Safety bar


Lower Tube sheet, Gears, Shaft Axle, Custom hot rolled steel profiles

Metal Cutting and Melding:

Hollow steel structure, Steel structure for solar panel


PVB film for automotive glass, PVB film for Construction, Building glass, PVOH (Polyvinyle Alcohol) fully hydrolysed, DINP di-isononyl phthalat, PVB resin for PVB film manufacturing

Do it yourself items

Christa’l terminal, Heat Sink, Low current connectors, Peltier element, Power cord, Terminal for lamps, Terminal strip black

Brass connector, Cloverleaf rod closed clamp, Cloverleaf rod flat clamp, Connecting bolt, Cross shape rod with bolt, Derivation connector, Earthing clamp, Isolation bar, Round rod closed clamp, Round rod flat clamp, Striking head, Threaded copper round rod, Cable terminal, Cable tie, Cable attachment

DIN Rail, Perforated strips, S Hooks, Steel chains, Suspension Hooks, Threaded rod

Hand saw, Scrapers, Steel Wire brush, Tool Case, Utility knife, Wall brush, Tapes, Staples

AWG wire, Cable sleeve, PCBA, EMT straps/Couplings, Electric racking, Electric switches, Electric protection, Electric cable, Electric lighting, Electric ground rod, Electric general

Laboratory items

Beakers, Brown glass bottles, Caps bouffant, Conical flask, Corundum crucibles, Coverall, Count Tact Box, Disposable centrifuge tube,  Disposable latex gloves, Disposable nitrile gloves, Disposable plastic dropper, Disposable sterile masks, Disposable syringes, Drip tube, Graduated cylinders, Halfline measuring cups, Hollow glass stopper, Jerricans, Mechanical stopwatches, Mercury thermometer, Micro plates, Paper wiper, Petri dishes, Pipette tips, Plugs, PTFE magnetic stirring bar kit, Shoe Cover, Stainless steel medicine spoons, Testtube brush, Two neck flasks, VIDAS plastic Barrett, VIDAS plastic container, Wash bottles, Wide mouth plastic bottles, Wrist cuff, Tongue depressor, Swab, Irradiation label, Extensive pH indicator paper, Funnels, Gloves, Tongue depressor, Tubes, Ear washing bulb

Walk in Fume hood, Wide Fume hood, Racks, Autoclave, Sealing machine, Freeze dryer, Stainless steel chair, Marble table for lab, Steel shelf, Cabinet, Vortex mixer, Precise peristaltic pump, Haier freezer for pharmaceutical industry, Water heater, Laminar flow cabinet

Finished goods for retail

Bottle Sterilizer, Model car, Folding booster, Color Book, Diapers, Wipes, High Chair, Toys, Cloud travel cot

Container bin bag, Deep freezer bag, Book divider, Light box, Light box difital hand tally counter, Yogo mat, Battery, Winter scarf, Sear cover, Satin Wrap, Fixture, Plastic box, Cord bag, Flat bag, Paper Cup, Plastic Bags, PS Cup, Cup holder, Snap frame, White board markers and clips, Opera house, Black hand bag, Perfume pump, Brass bell with ropes, Shopping basket, Printing postcard, booklets, Shoe bag, Kids Bike in aluminium, Sandwich bag, Soft Tissue Paper, Cardboard Binder, Seafood tray, Trash bag, Touch screen, Tent, iPad stand, Twisted pearl necklace, Bag, Crab pot, PE tarpaulin, Silver drop necklace, Car mat, LED candle

Baby Corn, Baby Cucumber, Block of White Sesame Candy, Canned Papaya, Pickled Cherry, Sardines in tomato sauce, Swordfish steak, Tuna steak, Vannamei, Whole Clean Octopus, Red Chilli, Tomatoes, Canned Pineapple, Nut (Peanuts and Cashew), Pangasius, Whole Clean Squid, Broth Cubes, Wet Noodle/Sauce in Pouch, Noodle/Pasta Cup

Acrylic Menu Holder, Black hook, Cardboard display, Ceramic products (cup Teapot, Plates), Counter unit, PVC pocket, Poster stand, Roller scroll, Wire Shelving, Ice cream scoop, Deko Spring, Door Sign, Double loop hook, Loop Hook, Magnet, Metal floorstand, Dump bin, Wooden crate, Podium, Fruit liner, Cosmetic display, Shopping Bag , Shopping Basket, Shopping Trolley, Sound Ball, Stones and Marble, Wicker Basket, Stand, Microsign, Baking tray, Plastic trays, Christmas decoration

Bath Gel, Body care wet wipes, Conditioner, Soft pad elbow brace, Elastic wrist brace, Elastic elbow support, Neoprene waist belt, Elastic ankle support, Knee support, Neoprene ankle brace, Shampoo, Fish Oil, Hand Soap, Hot Water Jar, Moisturizer, Crutch, Ankle support, Neoprene knee support, Electric toothbrush, Deluxe functional lumbar support, Manual toothbrush with blister, Sonic Toothbrush, Tooth Brush, Tooth Floss, Toothpick, Elastic enhanced wrist support, Elastic knee support (4 ways), Powder free examination glove, Adjustable Medical Chair

Air freshener, Aroma diffuser, Battery Alkaline, Tray, Cloth pegs, Clothes line, Household wet wipes, Humidifier, Luminaries, Misting Lamp, Plastic scoop, Dishwashing brush, Energy saving lamp, Thermos pot, Vase, Wicker basket, Fridge magnet, Tong

Melamine dishes, Nylon Spatula, Cast Iron Skillet, Oval Baker, BBQ, Lock Lids, ABS handle/silicon handle, Opal Glassware, Tong, TPE Lasagna Lid, Cast Iron Saucepan, Fondue Set, Elegant plastic plate, Cast Iron Braiser, Vacuum Thermos Bottles, Whisks, Cooking items, Bowl, Cast Iron French Oven, Soft Grid Handle, Cast Iron Roster, Oval Plate in Teflon, Water filter

Baby wear, Blanket, Carpets, Duvet cover, Socks (Lady, Men), Jeans, Thermal suit, Egyptian cotton CVC white bleached fabric, Burmuda short – stock lot buy, Pillow, PP non woven, uniform, PU Boots, Canvas Shoes, Quilt, Coat, Silk Dress, Ladies’ Blazers, Made ups (Linen), Plaids, Semi finished artificial grass carpet, Self inflating air mattress, Sleeping bag, Towel / Beach towels, Underwear, White Tshirts, Work wear, Blouse, Padded Jacket, Comber cotton waste, Casual shoes,boots,sandals, Napkin/ Table Cloth

Steel Patio Furniture, Rattan Patio Furniture, Outdoor furniture, Vanity, Chair, Wooden furniture, Wicker furniture, Compactus, Office chair

Vulcanized shoes, Children EVA sandals, Casual shoes, Rain boots, Surf – lady&men, UGG boots, GUM boot, Hiking boot, Sauna slipper, Doble pulgger, Outdoor hikers, Children boots, Snow boots, Children beach sandals

Chemicals and food ingredients

2-Chloroacetamide, 2-Chloro-N-(hydroxymethyl)acetamide, alpha,alpha-TrehaloseDihydrate, Amaranth, BromocresolPurple, Calcium Chloride dihydrate, Citric acid Monohydrate, CTAB, Dextran Blue, Dextran T40, Disodium EDTA dihydrate reagent (ACS), DL-Dithiothreitol, NASBA Lysis buffer 500 ML, Mannitol reagent (ACS), Sheep blood, Organic Stearic Acid, Emdex, Eryoglaucine, Erythrosin B, Ethanol 96% denatured (5%Methanol), Ethanol Type A (96% v/v), Gentamicin sulfate salt, Glycine, GuanidineThiocyanate, HEPES free, acid ULTROL Grade, Horse Radiche Peroxidase Grade II, Hydrochloricacid 37%, Iron(III) chloride Hexahydrate, Kathon CG Biocide, Linalool, Bile salts, Albumin prepared from Human plasma, Poly ethylene Glycol (Macrogol 8000), Polysorbate 20, Potassium dihydrogenphosphate, SERMUL EN 9, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium ChlorideType A, Sodium citratedihydrate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Sodium Iodacetate, Sodium phophatemonobasic monohydrate, Sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrate, Goat anti rabbit antibody & goat anti mouse antibody, Coconut Oil, Sodium Phosphatemonobasic, Sodium Thiocyanate, Sucrose, Tartrazine Acidyellow 23, Thimerosal, TMB . 2HCl . 1H2O, Trans-Cinnamaldehyde, Trishydroxymethylaminomethane, Triton X-100, Urea HydrogenPeroxide, Variquat 56, Zwittergent 3-14, Mops(morphol.Prop.Sulfonic Acid), White/vory Beeswax, Antimony Oxide, RBD LLP

80% Sulphur DF and 20% Mancozeb WP, Benzoic acid, C8 10L Fatty Acid, Calcium Propionate, Caustic Potash, Caustic Potash (Liquid), Caustic Soda Pearl, Citric acid, Di calcium, Phosphate, Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP), Glycerine (Palm/Coconut derived), Xylos, Glycine, L-cysteine, Lecithin, Liquid Caustic Soda, Milk, Mono calcium Phosphate, Phosphoric Acid (75%) FCC, Phosphoric Acid: 80%, Potassium Sorbate, Propionic acid, Sodium Stearoyl lactylate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), Sorbic acid, Vitamin E (VE), Sorbitol esters, Soya Protein, Tartaric acid, Taurine, Tetra Potassium Pyrophosphate (TKPP), Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP), Titanium dioxide (TiO2), Tri calcium Phosphate, Trilon A92 (Chelating agent), Trilon B (Chelating agent), Vitamin A – All-trans-retinyl acetate, Vitamin A 1000 IU Retinol, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C Acid Ascorbic Dried, Vitamin C Stabilised 35%

Calcined bauxite, Turpentine-Alpha-Pinene, Turpentine- Beta-Pinene, Turpentine- Myrcene, Turpentine- Citronellene, Sulfuric acid, Sodium chlorate

Water 0.1% tfa, Dodecyl Sulfate Sodium, Ethanol 99.8+% (GLC) 0.7897g/mL absolute (Ethyl alcohol) for analysis CertiFied AR, Dimetylsulfoxid, Human Serum, Horse Serum, Tetrahydrofuran 99.5+% (GLC) stabilised with 0.025% 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol , iso-Hexane contains < 5% n-hexane for HPLC CertiFied, Hexane optima grade, Hexane cert acs/hplc, Xylene, Tryptic Soy Broth, Methylene Chloride Optima, Dichloromethane 99+% (GLC) stabilised with 0.005% amylene SpeciFied, Heptan-n 99,5% pa, Ethyl acetate cert acs/hplc, Acetonitril, “Blood Agar”, Acetonitrile 99.9+% 0.782g/mL (Methyl cyanide) for HPLC gradient analysis CertiFied HPLC, Acetone (Propanone), Metanol grad. Hplc

Captan, Chlorothalonil, Copper Hydroxide, Fenarimol, Mancozeb, Metalaxyl – M + Mancozeb, Penconazole, Sulphur (elemental sulphur), Sulphur (as polysulfide)

Promotional Items

Cardboard display, Light box, Metal display, Plastic display

Electronic gadget: Photo frame, USB Key, Flashlight…., Premium: Lighter, key ring, money clip…, Umbrella and parasols, Wine related gifts: cooler wine bottle ring, bottle opener, parkling cork, wine standee, wine bucket, Vacuum stopper…, Writing instruments: Notebook, ball pens…, Deer headband (for Christmas), Plastic diffuser and LED

Bar accessories: Decanter, Jug, Water carafe, Ice bucket…, Glasses: Cognac glasses, Wine glasses, Whisky glasses, Cocktail glasses, Champaign glasses…

Backpack, Bags, Luggage, Textile: Uniform, Apron, Towel set, Jacket

Brochures, Christmas cards, Gift boxes, Shopping bag, High temperature resistant spray paint


Road Transportation, Travel agencies, Airlines, Warehousing, Creative agencies, Legal Service

Construction Materials

Wire Mesh, Aluminum laminate, Fiberglass tissue, Tack strip, Concrete Accessory, Agriculture Product, Metal Lath, Wood flooring, Organic fiber, Zamak handle, Wire rods, Steel Wire, Cable Ladder, Resin Basin, Deformed steel rebar in coil & Straight length, Southern yellow pine, DWI Aluminum Can Raw Materials: inks, Ultra premium® exterior paint, Basecoat, Premium spray paint, Sealant compound, T6 6060 Aluminum extruded profiles, Steel Angle, Cable Tray, Plywood, MDF (medium density fiberboard), PTB (Particle board), Nail, Moulding, Laminate flooring, Drawer side, ABS handle with aluminum finishing, Plywood, Steel, Cable Channel


Haz Mat Shoe Boot, PVC industrial gloves, Nitrile induatrial gloves, Protective gloves, Powder free examination gloves, Safety glasses, Coverall, Tear away mesh, Boot Steals, Welding helmet, Headband, Helmet lens, Respirator, Protective Eyewear, Earplug, Anti fatigue mat, Weldsafe mat, Cool cap, Baseball bump cap, Protective clothing, Work wear, Cut resistant glove, Duct tape

Beach hats, Cooling bandanas, Sunscreen lotion

Production Equipment

Cupper, Can bodymaker, Washer, Decorator, Pin Oven, Sprayer, Necker, Empty can palletizer, Hydraulic Press machine, Shell press, Conversion system, Liner, Conveyer, Dryer, Shell balancer, Auto bagger, Vessels, Screen printing equipment, Inverter, Agitator, Pipe line, Rotary dryer

Raw Materials

Round seamless steel bar, Cathode bar, Activated carbon, Silicon metal & Silicon metal HP, Ammonium sulfate, Steel wire cordage, Steel Wire, Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX), Sodium sulfide, Potassium permanganate, Aluminum fluoride, Sodium chlorate, Benzoin gum

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us. Use our contact form or arrange a callback with a consultant.

What kind of products & services do you source?

We can source any product or service from commodity to customised. Check our Category Expertise section to see the range.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with small to multi-national companies that are looking to procure goods and services from emerging markets for export or to support their local operations.

Do you have preferred relationships with suppliers?

We are supplier independent, we never take commissions from suppliers, and we conduct our procurement on an objective and documented basis.

How long does it take to quantify the potential value opportunity?

From initial brief to quantifying the potential value opportunity, takes between a few days for categories we know well to 2 months for new categories.

How long does it take to fully qualify a new supplier?

To qualify a new supplier that has been identified as offering potential value, takes between a few weeks for simple off-the-shelf products to several months for complex custom engineered products.

How can I get started?

contact us to discuss your requirements.

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