Dragon Sourcing assisted a significant American global vendor with sheet metal fabrication and machining. Table machining, an X-axis base bendid rigid, a slide base, an X-axis slide table, large batten plain holes, flanc arches, and other items are among the products. Most of these goods are sourced from low-cost countries. Four categories make up the outsourcing zones: Zone 1 includes Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovenia; Zone 2 consists of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia; Zones 3 and 4 contain Turkey and Mexico respectively. Among the primary deliverables are:

* RFI-RFQ template
* RFI-RFQ analysis result
* Supplier database
* DS recommendations for the upcoming steps

We have had in-depth interactions with consumers to understand their needs in order to ascertain their demands. In order to locate potential vendors and suppliers in the target nations, we used our B2B websites, magazines, DS database, and other chambers of commerce resources after first understanding the needs of our clients. After identifying potential suppliers, we call them to see whether they’re interested in participating in the sourcing process.

Based on the feedback from the customers on our method of using a phone to prescreen, an RFI/RFQ document was created. In order for the vendors to fully comprehend the instructions, the RFI/RFQ is prepared in all regional tongues. We assign points to each provider based on the answer. Clients receive a detailed breakdown of the associated prices and expenses.

Dragon Sourcing divides the outsourcing nations into four zones. Wide batten plain holes and tray panel flanges are imported from England, while table machining and X-axis base bendid rigid are made in Israel. France is where the flanc arche is from. The Global Sourcing Strategy Process now has an online system thanks to our online sourcing solution, GSP.

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