With sheet metal parts and products, Dragon Sourcing assisted a significant US-based worldwide vendor. Base brackets, back extensions, bottom rails, drop in shelves and more are among the products. These goods are imported from India, Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, all low-cost nations suited for outsourcing. Some of the main deliverables include: 

* RFI-RFQ analysis report 

* RFI-RFQ template 

* Supplier database 

* Recommendation from the DS for the upcoming steps 

We have had in-depth interactions with clients to understand their metal demands in order to ascertain their wants. Our study has uncovered every need, including unit pricing, quantity, requirements, and materials. We used our B2B websites, publications, DS database, and other chambers of commerce resources after learning about our client’s needs in order to identify potential vendors and suppliers in the target nations. Once potential suppliers have been identified, we call them and inquire about their interest in participating in the sourcing process. We also inquire about their capacity for both manufacturing and exporting the goods. 

Based on what the customers had to say about our procedure of using a phone to prescreen in order to choose some appropriate providers, an RFI/RFQ document was created. All regional languages are used to translate the RFI/RFQ so that suppliers can easily comprehend the requirements. We assign points to each provider based on the response and make sure to compare their credentials. Customers receive a comprehensive breakdown of the prices and expenses involved. 

Different sourcing zones are used by Dragon Sourcing to segment its product lines. India is a supplier country for the engineering, automotive, electrical, security, and racking sectors. The same industries also source their supplies from Turkey and Vietnam. Our online sourcing tool, GSP, has given the Global Sourcing Strategic Process a special online platform. 

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