“The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step” 

If you are running a business, then you can easily relate to this proverb. It is true that a business owner needs to deal with numerous tasks. By breaking up your tasks into small steps and allocating time for each step considering their nature, you can manage your work efficiently. Along with organizational operations, many businesses need to deal with import activities to run the internal operations smoothly. If you are going to import goods from China, you can follow the advice of breaking up the tasks. It will help you speed up the entire import process. There is another way that many businesses are embracing to deal with sourcing from China. This way is – hiring a trusted China sourcing agent for looking after the tasks related to outsourcing from China. 

 Being a newbie, you might be wondering whether you really need the help of a China agent or it is better to go alone. This blog will help you find out the answer. Read on the blog to learn the details.  

How can importers source from China? 

When it comes to sourcing from China, an importer can get four options, such as: 

Direct Purchasing 

80% of importers attempt direct purchasing as they want to exercise a grip over the entire process and refuse to pay commission to any China sourcing agent. This option is suitable for a business, which already has a well-organized team for managing the suppliers. It is also important for the business to be able to meet the minimum order quantities of the suppliers for purchasing products directly from the suppliers. 

Hiring a commissioned sourcing agent 

Countless people in China are working as sourcing agents to make a living. If you do not have an office in China and you have the least idea about the suppliers in this country, you can hire a sourcing agent in China. This way, you will be able to use the network of your agent.   

Buying from a trading supplier 

You can opt for this option if you do not find the MOQs satisfying. Most startup owners prefer this method. A trading company can arrange a smaller workshop for production activities as they accept small orders only. Startups do not need to place huge orders. Therefore, it is a good option for them. If you need to place a bulk order, buying from a trading company is not an ideal option for you. In such cases, you should consider hiring a China sourcing agent.

Asking help from a service company 

Some China sourcing companies offer services and charge a fee. This system provides transparency. It will be an investment for your company. 

What can you get from a China sourcing agent? 

If you think that you can learn everything about the Chinese suppliers through an internet search conducted by your team from your abroad office, you need to understand that sourcing is not so easy. It is important for you to dedicate 3 to 4 hours per day to supplier sourcing and import management. Here one question may arise- what will be done in these hours? 

In these hours, you will be doing the following tasks: 

  • Marking new suppliers who can meet your requirements and offer the quality and price you are looking for 
  • Designing new products or styles with the chosen suppliers 
  • Continuously managing supplier relationships including communication, quality control, shipments, follow-ups, etc. 

If you do not have ample workforces for dealing with these tasks, you may think about hiring a third-party sourcing agent in China. An agent is liable for managing all these tasks skillfully on your behalf.  

How to choose the right sourcing agent in China? 

When it comes to choosing the right agent in China, you need to think about a few questions: 

  • How will they accept their charges? 
  • Will they ask you to visit the factories during the production? 
  • Will they provide referrals or testimonials from satisfied customers? 
  • Will they provide inspection services (quality and quantity check) on your behalf? 
  • Will they provide regular updates? 
  • Will they ensure safety and protection from scams? If yes, what will they do? 
  • Will they provide services in the area where your office/factory is located? 
  • Will they provide you with discounts if you keep ordering the same products? 

A Final Takeaway 

Now when you know about the options available before you, you should consider which one can meet your requirements with efficacy. If you opt for a sourcing agent in China, you must make the right choice.  

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