Buying from the Internet has become a new style of shopping in our world. Irrespective of where they source the products from, people search for items that look attractive, is affordable and useful while also offering a robust quality. Whether these are French perfumes, Sri Lankan tea, Indian clothes or Chinese electronics, people buy them online.

What is the need for such e-commerce methods? The ever-developing technology is the answer. The increasing mobile apps, online payment methods, loyalty schemes, quick delivery, and other options like filtering products by category have given rise to the growth of sourcing agency. There are many products that you may want but don’t get in your country, which leads to acquiring them from the place you can find them in, and such agencies excel in getting the best quality and value for the sourced products.

Lately, India has been quickly climbing the sourcing game with its wide array of products, as most of these aren’t available elsewhere. Whether it is an herbal tea, incense sticks, leather goods or cotton clothes, the list is almost too long to ever conclude.
If you are considering sourcing from India, you are undoubtedly looking for those with the best value. In that case, mentioned below are a few product types you can have a look at:


Handicraft Items

Every state in India has contributed to the growing demand for Indian handicrafts. Due to the wide variety of cultures this country has, and the different kind of techniques used, the results are nothing short of utter brilliance.

Each Indian state is renowned for its wooden art. If you look at Rajasthan, you will know about beautiful products like wooden cabinets, tables, carved tables, chairs, windows, chests, chess boards, racks, windows and more, all elegantly made out of rosewood.

The objects which consist of latticework in sandalwood and rosewood, as well as inlay ivory work, are said to be the special features of the handicraft industry.

Tamil Nadu is well-known for its craftsmanship in carving small wooden figurines, usually religious sculptures. Be it in India or foreign countries, many people purchase and use them as decors.

Arunachal Pradesh is home to a large tribal population, whose skills in creating toys, bowls, cups and dishes using oak, teak, and sal are unmatched.

Andhra Pradesh is known for its red sandalwood-made columns, panels, dolls and framework. These are but a few of the states to name.

In Karnataka, rosewood and sandalwood are the most used. In this state, the artists are adept at crafting majestic wooden products such as trays, lampshades, walking sticks, puppets and jewel boxes.

There are plenty more items available for India sourcing, and the handicraft items are made from more than only wood. You can also check out other objects made from ceramic, metal, paper, coir, clay, jute, glass and embroidery. A lot of artists use indigenous substances while others are inclined towards using more non-traditional, contemporary industry materials.


Leather Products

Almost 13% of leather production in the world is from India. This country is the world’s second-largest leather garments and footwear producer. The northern and southern parts of India are full of manufacturers. Usually, the most common leather products you can get your hands on are handbags. They never go out of fashion and the variety produced in India are endless. For teens to adults and old people, there is a leather bag for everyone.

The northern part manufactures and exports its products. Leather bags, belts, handmade wallets, and such other accessories can be sourced from India.


Jute Items

Jute is second to cotton in terms of the amount produced and is one of the most inexpensive natural fibers out there. India produces some exquisite jute products like blinds, garments, mats, baskets, rugs, twines and a lot more, which you can source from the country. Jute has different uses as a vegetable fiber and is also one of the best biodegradable solutions available.


Coir Products

Also known as coconut fiber, Coir is a natural fiber found in a coconut husk. It is used to make objects such as mattresses, brushes, doormats, and mats. The demand for coir is always high for its eco-friendly trait. Marketers feel encouraged to provide their customers with such products as customers, now, are often on the lookout for more ‘green products’ as they are environment-friendly. With the help of a sourcing agency, you can acquire coir products and sell them to gardening enthusiasts.


Silver and Brass Products

You can source a wide variety of items from India, which are made of silver and brass. They are hyped as these materials make amazing jewelry. If you check out Gujarat, you will discover brass decors and silver jewelry that are of excellent quality. Jamnagar in Gujarat is also famous as the center of bronze and brass metals.


Gold Plated Products

You must have heard about gold-plated products and probably used them too, but what is it actually? Well, it is originally silver jewelry which is produced in 925 sterling silver before being immersed in 24k gold. With the growing new trends and extravagant designs available in the market, such unique methods make gold-plated objects almost identical to other gold jewelry.

Semi-valuable stones are used in modern textures to offer one-of-a-kind gold jewelry styles, which produces a much more elegant look. Items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and antique items are crafted from this substance.

They are on the high for these pieces are not only affordable but also popular among young girls for their unique design. Available both online and offline, you can source such products from Rajasthan and Maharashtra in India.

India sourcing is a great and beneficial option for a business looking to source such special products. The country is home to different products which you can source. There are numerous product types apart from those mentioned above. You can check them all and decide which ones can give your business a large boost.

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