Dragon Sourcing is one of the leading procurement agencies helping organisations source raw materials and finished products from emerging and established markets across the world. The following is a case study that provides a brief insight into how Dragon Sourcing carried out the sourcing services for sneakers from emerging markets in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.  

The first step of the project was conducting a thorough spend analysis based on the information regarding the various styles and categories of sneakers provided by the client and identifying the list of potential suppliers that can fulfil these requirements. Dragon Sourcing identified a total of 64 suppliers across the three countries for 13 items. 

The first phone pre-screening was carried out based on specific criteria provided by the client, which included factors like relevant industry experience, quality certifications, etc. After the first step, Dragon Sourcing was able to identify 21 suppliers who met the criteria our client was looking for during the project. 

Next, we worked jointly with the client to develop the RFI-RFQ, which included quotation requirements and several key supplier qualification criteria like CSR, financials, technical proficiency, etc. The RFI-RFQ was sent to all 21 suppliers and the responses were compared for further screening. A total of 8 suppliers were scored and ranked on average RFQ scores. 

Dragon Sourcing then compared the RFQ responses to identify and recommend the four best suppliers for the 13 categories for which the client needed to undertake a formal qualification process. We provided a detailed analysis of supplier recommendations and drafted a supplier profile for each identified distributor. The production management and quality management charts were then handed over to the client after 8 weeks. The search ended with Dragon Sourcing collaborating with the client to carry out sampling with the pre-selected suppliers. 

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