South Africa Procurement

South Africa is a country rich in natural resources, especially gold, diamond, and platinum. Economically, this nation belongs to middle income group with an expanding domestic market. Its infrastructure is highly developed with the major mining and industrial areas connected with urban centers. For effective South Africa procurement it is essential to have a proper understanding of the country’s infrastructure and natural resources.

South African economy is dominated by services sector which accounts for almost 65 percent of GDP (gross domestic product). Industrial segment contributes about 32 percent towards national GDP.

Items of Export

Gold, platinum, and diamonds are the leading exports. Machineries and industrial equipments are also exported in significant volumes. Export earnings of this country amounted to more than US $7.5 billion a month. United States of America, Germany, and United Kingdom are the leading buyers of South African exports. China and Japan are other notable nations of export.

South Africa imports from China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, and UK.

Resources of South Africa

South Africa abounds in minerals such as gold, platinum, coal, diamond, iron ore, antimony, chromium, nickel, manganese, vanadium, tin, and uranium. Among non-metallic resources, natural gas, phosphates, and salt are notable. Though agriculture is not the predominant sector, this country produces significant volume of wheat, corn, sugarcane, vegetables and fruit. Mutton, beef, poultry and diary products also form a sizeable portion of resources of this nation.

Mining is perhaps the most important and primary activity of the Republic of South Africa. This nation is globally the largest producer of gold, platinum, and chromium. Predominant industries comprise metalworking, textile, automobile assembly, chemicals, fertilizers, iron and steel, and food processing.

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