Supply Chain Procurement

Dragon has a dedicated team offering effective supply chain procurement policies for manufacturing and commercial setups. Supply chain is focused on stabilizing distribution of your finished products such that it reaches desired markets and customers. Procurement, in contrast, relates to sourcing of materials required for a commercial or manufacturing process.

Unmatched global competition has prompted producers of goods and services to streamline procurement, production and distribution activities. These being specialized activities, need involvement of professional organizations. We are empowered with qualified professionals from multi-cultural background having expertise in consulting and operational procurement to look after each of these operational areas with proper care.

Supply Chain

This functional area is concerned with effective delivery of goods or services to end users. Product development, logistics, and distribution are the chief constituents of a supply link. For increasing marketability and profitability it is essential that there is continuity in each of these processes. Any breakage in this link is likely to disrupt the movement of merchandise or service and cause revenue loss. We are professionally equipped to maintain continuity of these distinctive functional areas offering you a competitive edge.


Supply chain procurement in actuality refers to sourcing and distribution activities of a marketing or manufacturing concern. For better management we segregate procurement from supply chain as the former deals with acquiring of resources for producing a good or service, and the latter deals with delivering the finished product to your customer. In most cases these terms being used interchangeably often lead to confusion.

Benefits of Organized Distribution Link and Sourcing Services

Having a well organized sourcing and distribution contributes to your profitability and productivity. Reduction of operational costs is a direct impact of this system since the entire process of procuring and allocation becomes simplified. There is a marked improvement in the quality of service when both these processes are implemented properly. Sourcing capabilities become organized and thereby reducing wastage and rejections.

Supply chain procurement also effectuates a more methodical management of suppliers. It is possible to identify areas of cost savings in both procuring and distribution processes ultimately leading to competitive advantage.

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