Over the past decade, the automotive industry has undergone dramatic changes. Innovations in technology have dramatically improved safety, efficiency, and performance. As a result, sourcing has become an increasingly important part of the automotive supply chain. To remain competitive, it is essential to understand the current trends in automotive sourcing. In this blog post, we will explore five key trends in automotive sourcing and how they are impacting the industry.   

    1. Enhancing cross-functional cooperation and linkages in the supply chain 

The automotive industry sourcing is rapidly changing and evolving to meet the needs of its customers. The coming years will see a heightened focus on cross-functional cooperation and linkages in the automotive supply chain. Automotive companies will strive to streamline their processes and become more efficient, with a greater emphasis on collaboration between buyers and suppliers, as well as between different departments within the company. By improving the cooperation and linkages between various stakeholders, automotive companies can ensure that their supply chain is working as efficiently as possible.  

     2. Cost efficiency with a holistic approach 

To stay competitive, you can enlist the help of sourcing companies so that they look at the entire sourcing process in a holistic way. Taking into account the advantages of obtaining resources, including raw materials, labor force, and delivery services, can lead to multiple benefits. Gathering data on suppliers, processes, and pricing structures can be an excellent opportunity to increase cost efficiency. With diligent monitoring and careful analysis of the information gathered, organizations can find new ways to make their operations more affordable.  


    3. Expanding the Pool of Potential Suppliers 

Automotive companies are also broadening the number of potential suppliers they utilize, leading to increased competitiveness. The exciting trend of expanding the pool of potential suppliers opens automotive companies to a wealth of innovative technologies and products from all around the world, as well as new supplier opportunities. This provides the automotive industry with a wider range of suppliers and more choices for sourcing activities. 

    4. Pursuing Regional Sourcing 

The fourth key trend in automotive industry sourcing is the pursuit of regional sourcing. This approach involves making investments in local suppliers that can better meet the needs of the automotive industry. This strategy allows companies to reduce their transportation costs and also helps to support local economies. 

    5. Using data and technology to streamline sourcing and procurement processes 

Digital tools have opened up a wealth of opportunities for businesses to make smart, informed decisions quickly and with greater efficiency than ever before. Leveraging supplier data has empowered organizations and positively impacted decision-making processes. Working with sourcing companies that possess data-driven solutions is one of the main trends influencing the automotive industry today. 


These five key trends in automotive sourcing have revolutionized the industry. Automakers have embraced technology and data to effectively manage their supply chains and reduce costs. Innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain is helping streamline the procurement process by providing greater visibility into the supply chain.   

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