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Minimize Risk in Sourcing Operations

Turkey with its robust economic performance has integrated itself into the globalized world. In fact, it seems that BRIC nations can be changed to BRICT nations to include Turkey as well. The country’s remarkable performance is the result of many factors including a sound macroeconomic strategy along with structural reforms and favorable fiscal policies. Also, as costs of LCC sourcing from China begin to soar, Turkey has caught the eye of potential investors seeking opportunities for sourcing. Today, Turkey is a serious global economic contender and the possibility of leveraging a large domestic market and a much larger “Turkish-based” market generated by the late Ottoman Empire which allows Turkish companies to tap into consumer markets of millions of consumers has lured investors. Also, a business culture which is very close to that of the West has made it easier for buyers interested in Turkey sourcing when compared to Asian suppliers.

The large Turkish community which expatriated into various parts of Western Europe including Germany has also helped facilitate business links between Europe and manufacturers in Turkey. Its unique political situation makes it the only western style democracy in the Muslim world and the country is at the geographic cross-road between east and west, and north and south. This has helped turn Turkey into a vital ally for the western world in its dealing with the Muslim world. That explains its strategic status, which favors inwards investments by western MNCs.

Sourcing Turkey – Your Trusted Partner in Turkey

Is your company looking for an opportunity to develop business in Turkey? Do you want to save on overhead operating and quality costs while you establish operations? Turkey has attracted immense investor interest from large corporate buyers in Western Europe. With more number of companies embracing the benefits of Turkey sourcing, the industrial strengths of the Turkish industry including automotive systems, construction material and mechanical components are in huge demand. The need for international outsource partners has grown considerably as well. There are a number of companies which will assist you to maximize your revenue while minimizing your expenses when you consider sourcing from Turkey or choose manufacturers in Turkey for your various business needs.

The Cost Advantage – Save Big

One of the main benefits of importing from Turkey or low cost country sourcing is the savings in every aspect of your business. Apart from the time, effort and infrastructure cost savings, you can benefit from high quality services of a skilled workforce as well. With the services of an agency, you can expect to bring into your business innovative thinking, customized services and swift action that are tailored to your needs with a huge cost advantage while you choose Turkey sourcing.

Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Turkey has emerged as a major sourcing hub and in the current business environment with increased emphasis on optimization of company costs by concentrating internally on long-term strategic capabilities; it is obvious that world-wide companies are increasingly depending on products sourced from low cost countries. They are engaging global service providers specialized in finding trusted manufacturers and products for all their business needs. However, Turkey has been dealing with its own challenges, which are similar to challenges in China. For instance, currency related risks such as the increase in Turkish Lira, labor inflationary pressure, widening gap between Istanbul – which is growing richer – and the countryside, and also the risk of sliding towards Islamism vs democracy.

To manage these risks and opportunities while ensuring that your business enjoys a competitive advantage, specialized procurement services will help you create long-term and sustainable value in your ongoing management of procurement functions and processes in Turkey. Their strong and integrated team will ensure that you enjoy unconditional support without overheads and focus on your core competencies.

They can help you with:

  • Selection of best suppliers or factories
  • Quality control
  • Customs clearance and sea or air freight
  • Delivery

Procurement could turn out to be the most important link in your supply chain. No item or service is beyond the reach of these companies. They will bridge the gap between companies in Turkey and your company, and let you reap the benefits of Turkey sourcing. They intend to seamlessly integrate the entire sourcing solution into your business.

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