Vietnam has emerged as a big clothing and apparel manufacturing hub. It ranks third in terms of textile export. This rapidly developing country has more than 6000 factories churning out a huge volume of clothing and apparel for the global market. 

The low labour cost, excellent infrastructure, and skilled workers have made Vietnam a sourcing hub for the global apparel industry. The huge supply chain disruption faced by companies worldwide has made Vietnam a good alternative in China plus one model. The global retail industry is increasingly seeing Vietnam as a reliable alternate sourcing destination.  

Vietnam Procurement: How to Find the Right Manufacturers? 

There are thousands of factories and suppliers who are producing a huge volume of clothing and apparel. You have to find reputed Vietnam procurement suppliers to get good quality products in time and at competitive prices. Here are some ways to find them. 

  1. Find the Manufacturers in a Trade Show: One of the ways through which you can find apparel and clothing manufacturers is by visiting trade shows. Multiple trade shows are organised by the government as well as by the Textile Association of Vietnam. Visit these shows and interact with the traders. Find which manufacturers have the capacity, and experience to supply you with the type of clothing/apparel you need for your business.
  2. Check the Directories: To find the right manufacturer who can make your Vietnam sourcing profitable, you can use directories. The directories will give you a list of names of well-known clothing/apparel manufacturers who have the requisite experience, and capacities to meet your specific needs. You must place your trust in the most popular directories only to get the name of high-quality manufacturers.
  3. Search Engines: Search engines like Google or Bing are great tools to find a reputed clothing manufacturer who fulfils all your requirements. Do some research online and check the qualification of various manufacturers, including their experience in supplying clothes/apparel to your country. This will give you an idea of which company meets your specific requirements, and you can safely procure goods from them for your business.
  4. Online Groups: There are multiple groups and forums on the social network, which can be a great source of information regarding reputed clothing manufacturers in Vietnam. Such forums will give you a good idea about the product quality, the ordering process, and the overall experience of specific manufacturers.
  5. Procurement Companies: If you do not have the time to do all the research to find the right apparel/clothing manufacturing in Vietnam, contact a sourcing company. Many reputed companies offer high-quality Vietnam sourcing services. They have a huge database of various manufacturers in Vietnam. Once they identify your needs, they can easily connect you with the right manufacturer. If you want, they can procure goods for you, check their quality, and ship them to you.

These are some popular ways through which you can find a clothing/apparel manufacturer who can supply good quality materials for your business.  

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