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Currently in Asia, Vietnam is one of the countries experiencing unprecedented and exponential economic growth and offering unique opportunities to companies who want to take part in this boom. As costs begin to soar in China , companies are turning to Vietnam for their procurement needs.

Why is Vietnam the Preferred Choice?

  • Labor costs lower than China
  • Skilled, high labor pool
  • Strong work and quality ethics
  • Easy access to deep sea ports
  • Political stability and favorable trade policies

With a strong and dedicated Vietnam sourcing partner who has sufficient local and western expertise, you are assured procurement excellence no matter what products you require. Dragon Sourcing focuses on helping you create long-term and sustainable value in the on-going management of your business requirements to import from Vietnam or for manufacturing in Vietnam.

Sourcing in Vietnam – Connect with a Range of Vietnam-based Companies

The overall country rating for Vietnam when compared to other sizeable developing economies in the region including the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia and Thailand explains the level of attention it is attracting from potential investors and corporate buyers. However, the country is faced with unique challenges such as smaller scale factories, limited local raw materials and smaller installed capacities available for third party buyers. Also, you will encounter communication issues, red tape, corruption and a serious lack of business acumen to deal with western companies.

Dragon Sourcing can help your business manage these challenges and risks, and help you benefit from the opportunities in Vietnam sourcing. We can work towards finding the best possible prices for you with no compromise on quality. In fact, you are guaranteed the highest quality and the best rates throughout the pre-production and the manufacturing process.

Our team includes local and international quality control personnel to ensure that your requirements are delivered on time and as per your specifications. We will walk you through the various challenges involved in low cost sourcing and help you with an ideal strategy to suit your business needs. We understand that every one of our customer’s businesses is different and comes with a set of objectives and challenges. That’s why we choose to plan our projects in conjunction with your production objectives and targets.

Helping You Define What You Need

To ensure that you obtain the best quality and price while you choose Vietnam sourcing, the first step is to determine what exactly you need. Dragon Sourcing will seek details related to product specification, quantity, order frequency, target price, packaging specifications and the time line. Following that, we will investigate, evaluate and recommend the best suppliers in Vietnam for your needs. We strive for an efficient and smooth sourcing experience for you.

Sourcing Strategy for Your Business with the Best Service Provider

Dragon Sourcing will recommend an approach so you can reap the maximum benefits in Vietnam. For instance, tapping into the supply base such as seafood, rice and various other agricultural products which Vietnam is naturally strong at or even trying to take advantage of first mover status upon identifying high-class suppliers in areas where Vietnam does not have inherent advantage to lock the limited available supplier capacity before competitors do, you can assure your business competitive advantage in Vietnam. Furthermore, you can also start working with a  third party procurement service provider in order not to have to make fixed costs investments until the opportunity has been proven, at which point in time you can decide to open your own buying office in Vietnam

Dragon Sourcing’s End-to-End Services

We understand your need for high quality and cost effective products that can be sourced easily. You can rely on us for:

  • Feasibility studies for your business
  • Hands-on procurement operations in Vietnam
  • Total transparency in all processes
  • Assured quality and timely delivery

With a rich knowledge and expertise in the industry and an in-depth understanding of the Vietnamese culture, we can be your trusted partner in Vietnam.

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