Welding Equipment & Deep Fryer Case Study 

In this case study, we will see how Dragon Sourcing located reliable Southeast Asian and Indian manufacturers of welding equipment and deep fryers. The most important deliverable of this study is: 

  • Supplier database  
  • Supplier profiles 
  • Scorecard   
  • RFI-RFQ report   
  • Recommended suppliers.      

Dragon Sourcing examined the client’s products and needs during the initial phase. We worked together to establish the main requirements they had for the provider. Next, Dragon Sourcing conducted a supply market analysis of all publicly accessible data to compile a lengthy list of suppliers for each category (there were two of them), making sure to include any companies that supply the products the client wants to source.    

Following the market study, Dragon Sourcing pre-screened potential suppliers using the criteria decided upon in consultation with the customer. In the following phase, Dragon Sourcing created an RFI-RFQ document and scorecard. The scorecard’s purpose was to pre-qualify the providers’ competencies and competitiveness. The pre-screened vendors received this document, and 11 of them responded. Dragon Sourcing evaluated the RFI-RFQ and the providers, objectively ranking them according to their qualifications.  

We suggested two providers for the purchasing of welding equipment. We also suggested two sellers for the deep fryer product. The customer had video conferences with the suggested vendors to select one for the sourcing of welding equipment and one for the sourcing of deep fryer equipment. 

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