The idea of software development was primarily connected to tapping a large, well-equipped, and inexpensive workforce in China, Russia, and India. However, the scenario has been changed a lot as business and IT managers are concentrating on value rather than costing only. Agile and effective practices and continuous delivery/continuous integration have changed the requirements for sourcing software development services. That is why Mexico sourcing has become popular in the last few years. It has become a viable alternative to offshore outsourcing. Offshore implies the use of skills from faraway places such as Eastern Europe and India while nearshore refers to sourcing from locations that are nearer to the USA, such as Mexico.

A well-planned Mexico outsourcing strategy can improve time-to-market and provide a top-notch product to enhance customer service while simultaneously decreasing frustration. What makes Mexico so popular for resourcing IT services? Read on the blog to find your answer.

Facts working behind the popularity of Mexico Sourcing

• Skills

Mexico possesses 500,000 professionals and 180,000 engineers, IT executives, and technicians graduating from more than 120 Mexican universities per year. The country enjoys the availability of a wide range of skilled people. It is the home of more than 36 campuses scattered in almost 25 cities across the country.
Each university is able to offer a joint masters’ degree in information technology and software engineering management in collaboration with Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

• Distance & Time Zones

With the progress of technology, needs and solutions are also evolving through the joint efforts of cross-functional and self-organized teams, customers, and users. Groups need contact, communication, and team spirit for rapid and flexible adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and continuous progress.
While teaming up with an offshore team, it may impact speed and flexibility negatively. Nearshore models, on the other hand, provide shared time zones and video conferences to build team identity and leverage seamless communications- these principles are universal for Agile.
Face-to-face meetings or physical presences are often needed for large projects and long-term relationships. Sourcing from the nearest country reduces expenses and makes the physical meetings less time-consuming.

• Culture and Language

Differences in culture and language can impact communication, productivity, and interpretation. They also impact the comfort levels and commitment. However, customs of one country sometimes are not welcomed in another country. It may also harm a project. Mexico enjoys great unity among different native and foreign customs. The country has immense respect for all cultures. Therefore, its sourcing is comfortable for foreign investors as well.

• Intellectual Property (IP) Laws

Many offshore countries have challenging intellectual property laws, which can disturb a business. When it comes to Mexico sourcing, the businesses do not need to think much as the property laws in the country are flexible for foreign investors.

Bottom Line

These are only a few key reasons working behind the growing popularity of sourcing in Mexico. The country is trying to make the sourcing experiences even better for its foreign delegates. In the future, Mexico can become the best choice for USA-based businesses when it comes to outsourcing IT services.

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