Why is the West Depending on Eastern Europe for Sourcing? 

Everyone is aware of the increasing demand for software development outsourcing. According to Statista, the IT outsourcing industry has reached $1.2 billion globally at the end of 2021. Eastern Europe is one of the first-rate IT outsourcing global markets for many organizations. This blog will decipher why Eastern European sourcing is ruling the Western markets.  

What makes the Eastern European talent market the centre of attraction? 

It is known to all that many Western countries are confronting a prolonged drought in skilled IT professionals. In the US, you can find around 920,000 unfulfilled IT positions in 2019. The same situation is prevailing in the UK where 94% of tech people think that the country lacks talent in technology.  

The lack of IT professionals is compelling Western employers to search for the best talent in the European countries. At this moment, the Eastern Europe procurement services are bringing rays of hope. Most companies are inclining towards an effective outsourcing model discarding the in-house recruitment process. This way, the companies are saving money and enjoying great access to a versatile talent pool. Eastern European companies like Romania, Poland, and Ukraine have established themselves as the best hub for IT outsourcing.  

Almost 2,438 custom software development businesses are there in Eastern European countries. This is the key of the region with which it can meet the requirements for efficient IT experts. Eastern European countries are known for producing the brightest IT workers across the globe. Though some of these countries are economically weak, they are advancing towards a better future as an integral part of Eastern Europe sourcing 

Listed below are some key benefits of outsourcing from Eastern European countries: 

High-quality technical background 

There are more than 1 million IT professionals working in Eastern European countries. Romania, Ukraine, and Poland have registered that they have more than 600,000 developers in this region. These are not mere numbers but a huge number of skills and experience.  

Convenient geographical location & time zones 

Eastern European countries provide an outstanding education that can support their thriving IT industry. Students can pick up the disciplines including science, maths, and languages required in formal education. This system can ultimately lead you to professional degrees in software-related disciplines. The region has a higher-than-average literacy rate. It has also made this region the best choice for outsourcing.  

Dynamic IT community 

Eastern European countries are not only the home of some talented professionals, but they also have some amazing tech companies of all sizes. Some multinational giants have set up R&D in the region billed and they are known as Silicon Valley of Europe. This region is also the abode of countless successful start-ups.  

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the Eastern Europe procurement systems are another reason behind the demand for outsourcing. The environment and rapid progress of the country also grab the attention of foreign investors. In future, this region will further improve a lot and the world will incline towards these countries. 

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