Out Of China Trends By Procurement Leaders

Out Of China: Trends, Opportunities, And Limitations

On Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 3:00 PM BST, Procurement Leaders will convene a webinar to discuss the trends, opportunities, and limitations associated with reducing dependence on China. The event, lasting one hour, presents a chance to delve into the main causes of this pattern, the potential obstacles you might encounter, and strategies for overcoming them.

Companies worldwide are increasingly seeking to reduce their dependency on China for geopolitical considerations, environmental pressures, supply chain efficiency and resilience, and cost reasons. This shift presents opportunities and limitations that must be addressed to mitigate risks and achieve objectives.

This webinar will cover a variety of key subjects.


Key drivers of the “reduce your dependency on China” trend.


Key challenges encountered in that new journey.


Key alternative regions/countries to investigate in priority.


Best practises to mitigate risks and achieve objectives.

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Whether you are currently involved in the transition process or are in the initial stages of planning to diversify your supply chain options, it is crucial not to overlook this valuable opportunity.