Turkey Procurement

An Unique Opportunity in Textile and Fashion Sourcing

Turkey has a peculiar location as its territory is spread over both Asia and Europe. After 1995, Turkey’s proximity to European Union opened up trading fortunes of this country. According to latest reports, the economy of this nation is dominated by services sector which contributes 63 percent towards national GDP (gross domestic product), followed by 28 percent contributed by the industrial sector. Agricultural sector in contrast, contributes about 9 percent towards GDP. This interesting combination of industry, agriculture and services makes Turkey procurement a matter of interest among industrialists and business houses.

Items of Export

Turkey is a big exporter of textiles, iron and steel, transport equipments, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, clothing and marine liners. According to latest estimates, monthly exports for 2012 were recorded at US $11 billion. European Union nations are Turkey’s chief export destination, followed by United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, and Iraq. This nation imports from Russia, Germany, Italy, United States, China and Iran.

Turkey Resources

Turkey has a rich resource of cotton, tobacco, olives, hazelnuts, and citrus fruits as cash crops. Grain, pulses, and sugar beet are the chief food crops grown in this country. Livestock is an important resource used both for local consumption and exports. This country has large deposits of iron ore, coal, copper, gold, mercury, antimony and chromium. Non metallic deposits include marble, petite, sulfur, pumice, limestone and emery.

The industries of note include food processing, textiles, automobiles, paper, steel, and petroleum refining. Some of these industrial goods are exported as finished products while others are used as semi-finished intermediaries.

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