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The 21st Century has been dubbed as the Chinese Century. The country’s GDP growth and the expansion of China’s role in the world trading system has been impressive. Today, as the second economic power in the world, China owes its business success to a liberal economy, heavy investment in infrastructure and an educated population. The sharp and sustained increase in production and stable political environment are other factors that have contributed to a thriving economy and prompted companies across the world to look for reliable China sourcing services providers.

Low Cost Goods from China

Most Western companies are lured to the Chinese markets due to the low cost of production. But finding the right supplier can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a buying office in China. Finding a suitable China sourcing company will help you deal with the following issues:

  • Finding a suitable supplier
  • Negotiating the best rates
  • Defining product specs that will meet your needs
  • Managing and mitigating all supply chain risks

Over the last couple of years, there have been a number of factors, such as inflationary pressures on labor, raw materials, and capital, that seem to be impacting the cost competitiveness of supply markets in China. There is talk about the risk of continued Chinese Yuan (RMB) currency evaluation and of further imposition of trade barriers such as high import duties, which could lead to further erosion of the cost competitiveness for which the country has been preferred. Although the country has displayed an astonishing degree of cohesion, it is facing problems such as clashes between ethnic minority groups, environmental issues, demanding human rights groups, and a widening gap between the rich and poor. Western corporations heavily dependent on China are hence posed with a series of challenges, including:

  • Looking for alternate sources of supply in anticipation of rising prices in China
  • Relocalising some production to high cost countries
  • Implementing a successful China Go West strategy, looking for lower cost suppliers compared to the East Coast of China
  • Leveraging higher value added products that China is becoming more capable of producing (e.g., pharma, high tech)
  • Helping Chinese suppliers on the East Coast offset inflationary pressures by helping them implement the best manufacturing and procurement practices in order to improve their productivity

Product sourcing from China is now much tougher. With international business being tricky enough for experienced professionals, novices might find it even more frustrating. However, you can rely on Dragon Sourcing, as we have the expertise to make the whole process easy and hassle free for you.

Overcome Sourcing Challenges and Achieve Strategic Business Objectives

By using our service, you can also procure goods from low-cost countries with coordinated buying efforts to maximize cost savings. As your purchasing partner, Dragon Sourcing will help identify the most competitive Chinese suppliers. Experience combined with local knowledge makes the company a definitive choice for any company looking for a partner to enter the Asian markets. With your technical specifications and target prices in mind, our team audits and selects the best competitive suppliers and offers result-oriented service for custom product manufacturing services, from concept to market. As your buying office in China, we offer result-oriented services that meet your needs.

From product analysis (identification of China sourcing potential) to market analysis (supplier audits) to implementation (negotiation and logistics) and project management (sourcing support), you are assured of a strong and dedicated team of sourcing experts when you choose our China sourcing service.

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