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Best Sourcing practices for sourcing from China including mitigating factors for managing associated risks

China has been one of the go-to locations for global sourcing for several decades. Businesses that intend to benefit from China sourcing have to be aware of several key factors such as logistics, supply chain intricacies, regulations and production norms. Gaining a thorough understanding of these can help companies surpass challenges such as delayed shipments, product issues and several other hurdles. Achieving the best possible outcomes from China sourcing requires in-depth research and leveraging on-ground expertise.

Check out the latest Dragon Sourcing webinar on China sourcing. In it, we will help you gain more insight into the best practices of sourcing from Mainland China.

Some of the topics covered will include –


The most crucial steps for Mainland China sourcing


Proven solutions to surpass China sourcing challenges


Case studies and live Q&A


The potential risks associated with sourcing from this marketplace


How to build a roadmap of sustainable sourcing for your business

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