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A Sourcing Strategy that Helps to Meet Business Goal

In the wake of currency fluctuation, rising labor and transportation costs, a number of companies worldwide have resorted to low-cost country sourcing strategies. Most companies have begun sourcing in Asia and the move has helped promote effective sourcing for those willing to take advantage of the opportunities in various Asian countries. The region comprising of high-cost economies such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and emerging economies such as India and China have presented international companies with a wide range of opportunities for Asia sourcing. Apart from these economies, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines and Cambodia, which are smaller but emerging economies, are altering the landscape for sourcing from Asia landscape as well. Finally, a few countries such as North Korea, Burma and Nepal remain disconnected from the global sourcing network.

Over the years, there has been a significant expansion in the activities related to sourcing from Asia and products from Asia are in huge demand across the world today. Companies require an Asia sourcing strategy so that they can optimize their business accordingly. In fact, sourcing from these low-cost countries is no longer a strategic advantage, but is increasingly turning into a competitive necessity.

Asia Sourcing Service Providers – Improve Quality, Consistency and Speed

International buyers who look for qualified product suppliers deal with the following issues:

  • Lack of insight into the local market and true supply chain costs
  • Inability to negotiate the best prices for goods and services
  • The absence of secure and optimum structure to source products
  • Cultural and language differences which obstruct communication

Although the savings opportunity is enticing, there have been cases where companies have not been able to meet their target volume due to the inability to manage supply chain networks and various other issues while they chose to source products from low-cost countries.

What if you could trim your expenses and deal with a trusted and qualified supplier at the same time? There are a number of procurement service providers in Asia, who can assist companies with strategic sourcing requirements. As a global sourcing service, we have proved to be effective in the evaluation of the important factors which includes materials, operational and inventory carrying costs for industries across the world.

For instance, if you are relying on India or Vietnam for sourcing garments, we will ensure that you find a provider in India or Vietnam, who offers the best rates and do not use harmful substances in the dyestuff as well. Simply put, we will strike the right balance between price, service and quality.

Dynamic Suite of Sourcing Capabilities

There are a number of firms with expertise in a wide variety of industries and an impeccable track record of handling Asia sourcing needs. However, our ability to assist businesses across the world with the necessary market intelligence about supply opportunities, explore these opportunities, reduce investment costs and leverage Asian economies of scale and scope distinguishes us from the rest. We also help augment internal capacity for specific projects.

Teaming Up to Meet Your Business Goals

  • Identify suitable products
  • Provide the best pricing and payment terms
  • Arrange for you to choose and test from multiple suppliers’ samples
  • Handle logistics, administrative and payment arrangements

These are just some of the areas in which we will help you out. In short, we ensure that you realize your projects from start to finish. Hence, you can look forward to real, proven solutions in the process. We meet your specific project requirements with tangible results in cost reduction and noticeable process improvements. Refine your Asia sourcing strategy and speed up the process of sourcing from new, low-cost Asian countries today.

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