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Consumer demands are increasing at an alarming rate. Businesses are looking to adopt new practices to fulfill the consumer needs. The ever-growing rate of market consumption is driving impactful changes in the manufacturing sector. Competition, globalisation and volatile costs of raw materials have resulted in the significant growth of low cost country sourcing. The countries that are considered ideal for low cost sourcing opportunities are China, South East Asia (especially Vietnam and Thailand), Eastern Europe, India, Mexico and Turkey. With political stability, thriving economy, educated population and more, the low cost economies in the world have become a hub for the best cost procurement. At Dragon Sourcing, we work with a team of qualified and trained sourcing personnel and can provide businesses with the best country sourcing solutions to help achieve significant savings.

The Boom in Market Growth in Emerging Nations Makes LCC Sourcing More Enticing

Cost-saving is the top reason for western countries focusing on emerging markets. Though, this reason still remains in effect, another emerging reason is the competitive edge that the western countries can enjoy by carving out a substantial market for themselves in the emerging nations.

We Make the Transition from Locally Sourced Products to Overseas Easier for You

The shift from local sourcing to global sourcing involves understanding the sensitivities related to this approach. It requires a considerable amount of planning, risk assessment and analysis of how the transition is going to affect medium or long-term business objectives. Our entire team works to find out the answers to your questions pertaining to the availability of goods, their quality, constant supply, and timely delivery. We thoroughly go through the entire value chain and come up with the best sourcing model that suit your exact needs. We specialize in providing our clients with an end-to-end solution, including supplier identification, qualification and selection, contracting, quality control, shipping, payments and delivery to various locations. Our sourcing agents are present in various low cost sourcing countries to develop relationships with best manufacturers and suppliers to hasten the process.

The Tasks We Complete on your Behalf are as follows:

  • Gather information about the latest market trends
  • Supplier selection, qualification and selection
  • On-going management of supplier relationships
  • Contract management
  • Procurement operations management

We can provide you with the following services:

  • Develop a strategic, structured and reliable best country sourcing program with clear-cut objectives based on your specific requirements and instructions. We also deploy human and financial resources to achieve those objectives.
  • Since our sourcing agents are present in the different low cost sourcing countries and maintain healthy relations with manufacturers and suppliers, we can help you in achieving the most competitively priced supply base.
  • Our hands-on experience gives us an edge and our agents can sell your sourcing program in a way that you become a priority for your suppliers in the country of your choice.

We Help in Overcoming the Obstacles of Low Cost Country Sourcing

Worldwide companies are enticed by the benefits offered by low cost sourcing. Even though the advantages of low cost sourcing are many, there are also certain pitfalls and obstacles that need to be overcome in order to achieve the desired results. You might be prevented from establishing contacts with capable suppliers in the country you choose due to a number of cultural and political differences. In the absence of a common language, you might also face difficulty in conveying to your supplier the norms, standards and specifications that you are looking for. The success of LCC sourcing is also based on determinants, such as quality of labor, business license limitations, project management challenges and technical capabilities.

We, at Dragon Sourcing, are experienced procurement professionals practicing transparent business transactions. We fully make our clients aware of the pitfalls and complexities associated with low cost country sourcing before going forward. With our worldwide footprint, global expertise and world-class tools, we deliver sure-shot results.

Consistently Lower Purchase Costs through LLC Sourcing

Large and sustainable cost advantage is the driving force behind best low cost country sourcing. The costs savings range from 10% to 40%. The low cost of labor, lower cost of capital and larger economies of scale are some of the factors driving the savings potential.

Several studies conducted on leading MNCs that are a part of the LCC sourcing movement shows that it is possible to consistently lower the purchasing costs over a period of time. It can be achieved by deepening relations with suppliers and expanding the scale of business.

Our Team Conducts Research and Analysis to Ensure that LCC Sourcing is Truly Low Cost

People in one part of the world are not aware of the tariffs, language, culture, logistics and import/export restrictions of a country in another part of the world. As a result, the procurement endeavour becomes too expensive, complicated and time-consuming. With our help, you can be sure that low cost country sourcing is truly going to offer the best cost for your company.

With offices in several countries, we have a detailed knowledge about the opportunities inherent to each key sourcing country. Our experts maintain an updated database of qualified suppliers and, at the same time, have relationships with best-in-class freight forwarders and third party quality control companies. We are always prepared for the worst and make all necessary effort to keep LCC sourcing low cost for our clients.

The Benefits of LCC Sourcing Can be Understood in Long-term Associations with Suppliers

Low cost country sourcing is not a short-term sourcing strategy. While LCC sourcing helps to reduce costs, it also ensures a steady and sustainable supply of premium quality materials. To fully realize the benefits of LCC sourcing, partner up with suppliers on a long-term basis and head towards success.

Shake Hands with Dragon Sourcing to Have a Competitive Edge in the Market

Sourcing from low cost country definitely sounds interesting and a lot of companies are rising to the occasion, but procuring materials and services from foreign markets is easier said than done. You will need the support of procurement professionals, such as Dragon Sourcing, to overcome issues pertaining to language, duties and anti-dumping taxes, transportation, regulations, and CSR issues

We not only have the resources, but also the strategic partnerships throughout the world to save your time and energy in sourcing from best country sourcing regions. By working together, it will be easier to locate the right suppliers to help reduce your costs, and meet your organizational needs.

We are in a position to offer you with a list of pre-qualified suppliers on the basis of quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing and how well they match your organizational aims, objectives and needs. We can assist and help you in identifying top-notch quality supply chain partners who will not just better your pricing, but add value to your organization as well because many overseas suppliers tap into innovative technologies in low cost design capabilities and are often flexible enough to develop their manufacturing capability in accordance to the requirements of their clients.

LCC Sourcing is the Next Logical Step

Companies hoping to build or expand their corporate strength and stay ahead of the competition in a world that is ever-shrinking, should seriously think about foraying into strategic low cost country sourcing. Only by reducing initial investment, businesses can hope to keep a high profit margin and achieve success. At Dragon Sourcing, you can find all the help and assistance you require to procure goods from all emerging markets (China, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Mexico etc.)

Now is the time for small to large businesses to re-evaluate their strategic sourcing policies. For any queries, feel free to get in touch with an expert at Dragon Sourcing via call or email. Our customer representative will revert as soon as possible.

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