Dragon Sourcing is one of the top global procurement companies. We help companies from all over the world source raw materials and finished goods from developing and developed countries. The following case study shows how Dragon Sourcing found audio cable suppliers for a client.  

The main deliverables of this case study include the following:  

  • Database of Suppliers 
  • Template for RFI/RFQ 
  • The RFI-RFQ Analysis Report  
  • Profile and Ranking of Suppliers 
  • DS Recommendations on the Next Steps 
  • Audit Report  
  • Proposed Shortlist for Sampling 
  • Samples 
  • A Sample Analysis Report  
  • Contract  

In the initial phase of the case study, we conducted a detailed demand analysis to determine our client’s needs. We also collected samples to ensure that possible vendors also fully comprehend them. Using the DS databank, the Chamber of Commerce, the Fair catalog, and other resources, we studied all potential suppliers in a single target country to identify potential vendors.  

Then, we conducted pre-selection processes by phoning all potential vendors using predetermined metrics.  

Dragon Sourcing identified 51 vendors, and we called 30 for pre-screening and sent an RFI to 8 shortlisted suppliers from 1 country. For the phone pre-screening, the criteria given by the customer were utilized. These criteria were as follows:   

  • Capability to make the product 
  • Financials 
  • Client and Product Experience 
  • Quality Certification 
  • Social Responsibility 
  • R&D Capability    

We worked with the client to make RFI-RFQ templates for the product they wanted to buy. After getting the answers to the RFI/RFQ, Dragon Sourcing worked with the customer to make a scorecard to rate the vendors. 

Most suppliers met the client’s certification and production capacity needs. But because they only made 100% copper wire and the client wanted a clad/aluminum alloy, the vendors’ prices were not as good as the client’s current price. 

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