Being one of the renowned sourcing companies, Dragon Sourcing extends support to many industries. One of their remarkable projects is glassware and metal barware sourcing in China. The client’s goals were finding a trusted supplier that can help the client improve the quality of their products and build a long-term relationship with the suppliers.  

In the initial stage, Dragon Sourcing was asked to prepare an RFI/RFQ Analysis Report, a recommended supplier list for audit, and a recommended supplier list for sampling. Still, there are some deliverables that team Dragon is yet to start, including, supplier audit, sampling, and contracting. 

The sourcing experts at Dragon divided the entire process into three steps- Supplier pre-qualification, selection and contracting, and procurement operations. In the first stage, they prepared a demand analysis to describe the products and the main requirements. Next, they conducted a supply analysis and create a list of potential suppliers. After this, the sourcing team arranged a telephonic pre-screening and developed RFI/RFQ template. An administration for RFI/RFQ was conducted. The analyzed the RFI/RFQ responses along with issue RFI-RFQ. This step ended with recommended suppliers to prepare the base for the next step. 

In the second step, they prepared a schedule, budget, and questionnaire for the audit and performed the audit. A list of suppliers for sampling was prepared. The team developed and tested samples. This step came to its end with negotiation, contracting, and final selection. 

This is the final step where team Dragon dealt with P/O and agree on payment terms. They examined in-process production quality and performed a pre-shipment QC. Dragon arranged logistics, managed payments, and supplier performance. Also, they identified new sourcing opportunities for the client. 

The client was immensely satisfied with the dedication and high-quality services provided by Dragon Sourcing. 

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