A Case Study of Copper Wire Scrap Sourcing in Saudi Arabia/UAE, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Visegrad Countries  

Dragon Sourcing is a well-known sourcing company with a global clientele. Recently, one of our customers asked us to find a list of suppliers who could sell them copper wire scrap. The client specified that we should only look for suppliers in Saudi Arabia/UAE, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and the Visegrad countries. Our team of experts worked with the client to understand their specific requirements. Once we knew what our client required, we leveraged our extensive database of various suppliers. Also, we researched the Internet to finalize a list of 121 vendors who sell copper wire scrap in these countries. Once we had the list in hand, we contacted each one of these suppliers by telephone. We asked them specific questions, such as if they could export copper wire scrap and if they had the requisite product certification. 

After the telephonic prescreening, we sent our RFI/RFQ to the shortlisted suppliers. The RFI/RFQ was designed in such a way as to find the best supplier for the requirements of our client. We consulted our client before finalizing the document and sent it to the shortlisted suppliers. We received replies to 7 RFQs from the vendors. After carefully analyzing the RFQs, we recommended 1 supplier from Southeast Asia who fulfilled all the criteria our client specified. The entire project took 10 weeks to complete. 

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