A leading German company was looking for potential suppliers of microfiber cooling towels from China and so they checked the Dragon Sourcing database. We assisted the company right from procurement intelligence to procurement operations. The supplier pre-screening took 6 weeks in which we sought quotes from the supplier, based on the printed design with a solid color. The minimum volume was 10000 pieces and the maximum was 80000 pieces. Afer client validation, the most capable suppliers were identified through the RFI-RFQ procedure. Suppliers 1 and 3 were chosen as per the rate of Oeko-tex certification and production capability. The final RFQ report to the client showed the recommended suppliers’ profile to be moved to the sampling phase. One of the suppliers was chosen in this phase on the basis of payment terms, price negotiation, production lead time and more. We raised proforma invoice, sent a purchase order to the supplier, shared production schedule with the client, arranged for ultimate quality inspection and supervised container loading.

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