One of our clients asked us to identify and recommend competitive suppliers of crystalline and porcelainware from China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Turkey. Once we received the request from our client, we held extensive discussions with them to understand their exact requirements. Once we were sure about the needs of our client, we researched through our database, B2B websites, and the extensive network of Dragon Sourcing. We had 10 weeks as our deadline to complete the project, so the suppliers whose names we obtained following our research were contacted individually. These contacts aimed at assessing whether each of these suppliers had a manufacturing capability capable of satisfying the demands of our customers while also exploring whether they were interested in doing business with us.   

Once we got the short list of suppliers who wished to do business with our client, we created an RFI-RFQ after consulting with our client and mailed it to the shortlisted suppliers. We received 29 responses to our RFI or RFQ. We thoroughly analyzed the RFI/RFQ responses from the vendors and ranked them on a scorecard. Based on the ranking on the scorecard, we recommended 9 suppliers for the porcelain category and 4 suppliers for the crystalline category from China. We also recommended 5 suppliers for the porcelain category and 1 for the crystalline category from other countries.   

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