Discover Why Dragon Sourcing is the Best Global Procurement Services Provider 

When it comes to procurement services, many firms come in diverse forms and sizes. For organizations seeking a trusted partner for trusted procurement outsourcing, Dragon Sourcing can be the best bet. Over the years, we have been working with countless companies and providing them with world-class sourcing services.   

We strive to deliver sustainable cost savings, enhanced quality, and service through sourcing from top hubs across the globe. No matter what your objective is- procuring from comparatively emerging markets for exporting purposes, procuring for the local operations of your business, or achieving procurement intelligence for making better decisions, team Dragon is always ready to help you reach your goal. 

A quick glimpse of our journey 

Dragon Sourcing started its journey in 2004. Gradually, we have expanded the periphery of our operations and offices. Now we have offices in America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. It clearly shows how we are growing and covering all influential markets. We focus on connecting our clients with potential supply markets. In comparison to other sourcing services companies, our network is wider and stronger. It has surpassed the geographical barriers and reached every corner of the world. 

  • We are present at more than 50 emerging markets across the globe 
  • We help the organizations make 25% of average savings through our procurement sourcing services 

What makes us one of the best procurement sourcing services companies? 

Our procurement outsourcing services have gained immense admiration from the clients for our: 

Wise advice 

Many surveys have revealed that most world-class companies possess a high level of expertise in planning and budgeting. This is why Dragon is a favorite choice for many organizations. We have potential associations that help our clients reduce the engineer costs and avail affordable yet quality alternatives. Our team offers effective advice that contributes to the growth and profit of an organization. 

Accessibility to improved supplier innovation 

Organizations having a collaborative bonding with suppliers can leverage added benefits. Dragon works with suppliers who can proffer innovative ideas and develop long-term relationships. We always encourage collaborative activities with the suppliers by advising our clients to involve the suppliers in the processes. While both parties are working together to maintain integrity, it is easier to enhance the competitive advantages, cost, and quality. 


After our inception, we realized that we need to go across the operational and geographical barriers to reach the right suppliers for our clients. We put the effort into preparing retention plans for our employees as the agility of staffing is important for maintaining uninterrupted and first-rate customer service. 


Reliability is one of the key forces working behind our popularity. Dragon Sourcing has become one of the leading sourcing services companies for winning the trust and love of the clients. We have always been committed to maintaining transparency while providing sourcing services. 

A Final Takeaway 

Outsourcing is an expensive investment. Therefore, you must choose a sourcing company that is worth your investment. Dragon Sourcing always emphasizes clients’ satisfaction over anything else. When you will choose us for finding the potential supplier for your business, we will take you to the best suppliers. 

To know more about procurement solutions and trends, keep an eye on our upcoming blogs! 

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