Dragon Sourcing is a global leader in international procurement. We have hundreds of satisfied clients in multiple verticals who find us their go-to agency for their sourcing needs. One of our premium clients is a global leader in advanced pump solutions with a presence across 56 countries. They asked us to identify manufacturers in Russia’s supply market. The company was looking for two products: low-voltage electric motors and nodular iron castings. Once we got the request, we called the client to discuss their specific requirements. We then carefully analyzed the supplier market in Russia through internet research, catalogs, B2B sources, and others. Our extensive network helped us identify 365 potential manufacturers for those products. 

Once the suppliers were identified, we conducted telephone interviews with all the suppliers to find the best ones from the list for further processing. Our team then created an RFI/RFQ by consulting with our client and using a scorecard to calculate the desirability of various suppliers. We received responses from 37 suppliers for our RFI with signed NDAs. Only 6 suppliers responded to our RFQ for both products. After evaluating the scores of the potential suppliers, we made recommendations about those suppliers we found most suitable for their sourcing needs. We asked our client to progress to the next stage of onsite auditing. While it usually takes 12 weeks to complete any project, we had to accelerate and complete the task within 10 weeks due to our client’s urgency. Once we had made our recommendation, we submitted all the drawings, graphs, and other documents to our client. 

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