This case study gives a detailed insight into how Dragon Sourcing provided services for Fitness items sourced from China. The key deliverables that our client wanted from us include,   

  • Providing a supplier database  
  • RFI-RFQ Template 
  • RFI-RFQ analysis report 
  • Supplier profiles and ranking  
  • Suppliers’ audit report (optional) 

In the first stage, a comprehensive demand analysis was done. Dragon Sourcing worked with the client to understand their requirement. To do this, different factors were used like specs, volumes, materials, production, technology, quality testing, certificates, et cetera. These factors were referred to when we designed the RFI-RFQ process.  

Dragon Sourcing shortlisted potential suppliers in mainland China who were included in the RFI process. The identification of the suppliers was done by looking at the existing list of DS potential suppliers, information from the Chamber of Commerce, and B2B websites. After potential suppliers were identified, Dragon Sourcing conducted a phone pre-screening process. In this process, we used the criteria that were provided to us by the client. Once the first step was completed, we made a shortlist of suppliers who met the criteria.   

Once the suppliers were identified, we worked with the client to develop the RFI-RFQ jointly. The RFI-RFQ used various factors like the background of the suppliers, client references and product experience, financials, R&D capability and Manufacturing/technology capability. Once we received replies to our RFI-RFQ, they were evaluated by a balanced scorecard created by Kettlebell Kingsa. After comparing the scores of all the suppliers, the six best suppliers were identified and recommended.  

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