An important US-based international vendor received help from Dragon Sourcing with furniture hardware products. Among the goods are carriage bolts, wood screws, metal core bumpers, eye straps, nylock nuts, and more. These commodities are mostly imported from China and Mexico, two low-cost nations famous for outsourcing.  

Among the primary deliverables are: 

* RFI-RFQ template 

* RFI-RFQ analysis report 

* Supplier database
* Recommendation from the DS for the next steps 

We have conducted detailed conversations with clients to grasp their furniture hardware demands in order to identify their requirements. Our analysis has unearthed every necessity, including unit cost, quantity, needs, and supplies. We used our B2B websites, periodicals, DS database, and other chambers of commerce tools after finding out about our client’s requirements so that we can locate possible vendors and suppliers in the target nations. Once possible suppliers have been identified, we phone them and enquire regarding their wish to take part in the sourcing process.  

We also ask them if they have the ability to manufacture and export the necessary items. Based on what the clients had to say about our technique of utilizing a phone to prescreen in order to identify some relevant suppliers, an RFI/RFQ document was generated. All regional languages are used to translate the RFI/RFQ in order for providers to readily grasp the requirements. Based on the response, we give each supplier points, taking care to check their credentials. Customers are then given a detailed overview of the costs and pricing associated. 

Dragon Sourcing divides its product lines across various sourcing zones. While the hardware industry sources products from Mexico, construction and machinery industries acquire their materials from China. Our online sourcing tool, GSP, has given the Global Sourcing Strategic Process a distinct online platform. 

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