This case study demonstrates how Dragon Sourcing assisted an American client in locating the best supplier offering furniture machine parts coming from China, Mexico, Vietnam, and Turkey. We not only discovered very reliable sources, but we were also able to purchase them for incredibly low prices. Let’s examine the specifics to understand how we achieved this.  

Major deliverables of this project include: 

  • Supplier database 
  • Scorecard 
  • RFI/RRFQ report 
  • Supplier profiles 
  • Recommended suppliers 

We worked closely with our clients to ensure that we fully understood their needs—including the target pricing, the suppliers to be qualified, the specifications, quantities, location, required technology, and more. When we were certain that the needs of our customers were well stated, we carried out a thorough market investigation. 

Our database, B2B websites, Chamber of Commerce statistics, trade show catalogues, and other resources were used as research sources. We were able to directly contact the most qualified suppliers who fulfilled our requirements for company size, interest in participating, abilities, and more by putting in place a pre-screening process. We created an RFI/RFQ form with a scorecard that assessed a company’s credentials, expertise, financial situation, level of technology adoption, and quality certification. We thoroughly examined the RFI/RFQ responses and determined the four most appropriate suppliers for our client. 

There were 236 suppliers from four countries in total; among which 93 were shortlisted after the call. Post-assessment, it was seen that a total of 143 suppliers failed the pre-screen, 70 failed the RFI/RFQ. Finally, 8 suppliers (5 China, 1 Vietnam, and 2 Mexico) were scored and ranked whilst being recommended for the next steps, considering their price, RFI, production capability, and location. 

We strongly suggest these eight suppliers for further discussions and sample testing after carefully evaluating the scorecard. We took great care and precision in our selection process, making sure that our clients received the most value for their money. 

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