How can a China Purchasing Agent Help you in Sourcing? 

You can leverage many advantages by sourcing products in China. It may need time to reach the right supplier, negotiate price, and finalize a profitable deal, but it is worth your time. Many businesses find it difficult to find a supplier. The situation gets even tougher when they find that the delivered products do not match the requirements of the claims made by the suppliers. If you want to avoid these incidents, you will need enough experience to understand the Chinese market. It is also important for you to know the tricks of dealing with thee suppliers. This is the reason most businesses are looking for an experienced China purchasing agent to make sourcing easier and profitable.  

If you want to learn how purchasing agents in China place orders and further proceed, keep reading this blog. 

How does a China Purchasing Agent Work? 

They check the product details 

The agents will go through the product details including product details, product photos, materials, sizes, quantity, packages, etc. This information helps the China sourcing agent to find the best supplier for the customers based on the important inquiry details. This way, suppliers can quote the best and lowest prices for you.  

Negotiates the price 

Price negotiation is one of the most crucial things that an agent needs to handle on behalf of their clients. When it comes to wholesale business, small price differences also mean a lot. Professional agents know how to finalize the best price for their customers.  

Tracks order 

When the client leaves the wholesale market with all confirmed orders, the hired China purchasing agent will keep tracking the status of the orders. This way, the agent can ensure on-time lead, delivery, quality, and quantity and keep the clients updated with the latest tracking status. 

Checks quality control 

Checking quality is of immense importance. Foreign companies sourcing from China are not able to present in the country and check the quality before the delivery. Purchasing agents make this task easier for the clients. They inspect the quality to make sure that the promised products are going to be delivered.  

Provides warehouse facilities 

When an agent is working with an agency, it is obvious that the agency will have a warehouse. The clients will enjoy access to all the facilities offered by the warehouse. It makes China sourcing easier for the foreign companies, which do not have their warehouse in this country.  

Inspects container loading 

Experienced agents will always start with the large and heavy items for loading them on the floor against the front wall of the container. They also will inspect the container loading carefully to ensure that everything is fine.   

China custom declaration 

The agent will submit all the vital documents about the sourced products to China customs. This step is essential for compliance with the country’s law.  


The last but most important step is shipping.  

Once the loading is done, the agents will send the containers to the loading ports.  

A Final Takeaway 

A top-graded purchasing agency will always maintain transparency and continuously keep monitoring the container and the vessels. 

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