Being one of the pioneers in the procurement industry, Dragon Sourcing makes procurement hassle-free and faster for multiple sectors including In Vitro Diagnostic or IVD industry.  

Companies with an aim of sourcing services for new plant erection and non-core Capex sourcing in China depend on Dragon Sourcing for supplier database, RFI/RFQ and scorecard, and supplier profiles.  

Dragon Sourcing kickstarts the process with a Demand Analysis. The procurement team prepares this demand analysis to understand the products and make the requirements clear. Next, they perform a search analysis to list the names of suitable suppliers who can meet those specific requirements.  

Once the suppliers’ list is prepared, they start commuting with the suppliers and build RFI/RFQ templates. Based on these templates, the team conducts RFI/RFQ administration and prepares a report. This step ends with the recommendation of suppliers to be considered in the next step. 

In the next step, Team Dragon prepares for audits (including audit schedule, budget, and the final audit questionnaire). After the auditing, selected suppliers are asked to provide a sample.  Further, the team tests the samples to help the client negotiate, contract, and make the final decision. 

Stage three is entirely based on procurement operations. The procurement experts deal with P/O and payment terms and details, product quality check-in process, pre-shipment QC, logistics, and supplier performance report. Dragon sourcing has designed this entire service strategy to help their clients from the IVD industry to monitor and analyze new non-core Capex sourcing opportunities in China. 

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