Dragon Sourcing is helping a leading company in sourcing pallet trucks to acquire competitive suppliers for cost efficiency across China, Malaysia and Vietnam. To get the best results, DS identified prospects with the most potential.

By running demand analyses in the regions, Dragon Sourcing gathered information on their requirements, specifications and volumes to determine the top suppliers. The Spend Analysis consisted of 14 best products, and as some of the items have the same specs, combining their demand reduced the number to 9. DS sourced from Vietnam, Malaysia, and China based on the anti-dumping issue from China exported to Europe.

After the analyses, they identified 54 suppliers from the three regions by using precise data from different sources and databases. A supplier pre-screening was conducted to shortlist the best suppliers before RFI/RFQ. It got responses from 11 suppliers, out of which 10 are from China and 1 from Vietnam. Each of these prospects is ISO certified, so a strict comparison was run to locate the ones offering the best quality and prices. Dragon Sourcing reached the conclusion with 3 of the most potential options for their client.


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